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When the baby begins to put everything in his mouth

When the baby begins to put everything in his mouth

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Your baby begins to put everything, absolutely everything in his mouth and you do not know what to do since he does not know how to distinguish what can and what cannot be put in his mouth. When my daughter started this stage of put everything in your mouth, wherever we were in the house, we could hear the sound and noises that she made with her mouth when she began to suck everything in front of her: her toys, her fingers, her feet, ... and even her shoes, buttons! of clothes, the bars of the crib, stuffed animals, books ...!

We cannot forget that babies start sucking before they are born. In the womb, many of them already suck their thumb. After birth, sucking continues with the mother's nipple and the nipple of the bottle. Months later, they discover his fingers, his feet, his fist, as well as everything around him. So they are learning to distinguish textures, shapes, sensations and flavors...

When the baby puts something in his mouth, he bites it with his gums, sucks it and moves it with his tongue. This is their way of doing a 'recognition' of the object. At the same time, sucking calms and calms him. What should parents do? Parents should not prohibit because after all the little one is discovering new sensations and learning.

What they must do is watch, walk with a thousand eyes so that everything that surrounds your baby is appropriate to his insatiable oral curiosity. The baby's environment, from its birth, must be safe, without objects or things with which he can hurt himself and choke.

It is very common to observe that some toys carry specifications regarding their use as 'toy not suitable for children under 3 years'. Surely you have seen it sometime. It will not be in vain that they put this notice, right? It is that from 6 months to 3 years, children persist in their oral knowledge. The baby oral screening not only naturally and organically necessary, it is part of exploring and experiencing the world.

Apart from the curiosity of the baby to put everything in his mouth, we have to consider that his sucking is also due to teeth exit. The baby is irritable, fussy, and sucking and chewing on things relieves stress and tension caused by pain.

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