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Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter P

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter P

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There are so many possibilities when choosing a baby's name that parents sometimes don't know how to decide. Some prefer to continue the family tradition in names, others have known for years the name they want for their child and still others are carried away by the trends in names.

To help in choosing your child's name, we have arranged popular names according to their starting letter. In this list of 10 boy names that begin with Letter p you will surely find the best name for your baby.

1. Pablo. It is a name of Latin origin with a long tradition. Its popularity has not been harmed by use because this name has a very strong personality. It sounds elegant and distinguished and is still very current.

2. Peter. The name is of Latin origin and has been passed down to us through biblical tradition. It has a meaning of "stone" or "rock" and is a traditional name that is very familiar. Pedro inspires trust and respect and has not lost freshness with use.

3. Pau. This name has a Catalan origin although it comes from the Latin Paulus. It is thus the Catalan version of Pablo that in this way gains in appeal. Simple and forceful, this name preserves all the flavor of tradition without losing originality.

4. Pol. Again a variant of the name Pablo, in this case of French origin. We like it because of that distinguished air it brings and because it is a charismatic and energetic variant. Without a doubt, one of the best proposals for your child.

5. Pascual. It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning related to religious Easter. It is a well-known but little-used name, so it maintains all its strength and originality. In addition, Pascual is perfect to highlight the personality of your child.

6. Patrick. The name is of Latin origin and is backed by a long tradition. Although its feminine, Patricia, is more frequent, this name has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to its ability to reinvent itself in each generation.

7. Tweet. This name has a Latin origin and a meaning that speaks of goodness. Its eloquence and simplicity are its main assets when it comes to maintaining its unchanged popularity despite its use. Strong and with a great personality, Pío may be the ideal name for your boy.

8. Pelayo. The name is of Greek origin, but it is inevitable to relate it to stories of knights, kings and conquerors. This name has great charm and brings a touch of distinction like few others. In addition, Pelayo has been little used, so it remains original.

9. Prisco. This name has a Latin origin and a meaning that speaks of veneration and admiration. It has an elegant air and having been a little used name, it maintains all the originality and charisma.

10. Placido. The name has a Latin origin and is very eloquent about its meaning. Tranquility, placidity and calm in this case are equivalent to a balance in the personality that also implies strength of character. Elegant and charismatic, it can be a good option for your child.

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