Renew your illusion: the Magi are coming!

Renew your illusion: the Magi are coming!

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The countdown begins. There is very little left for the arrival of the Magi from the East and the children are already counting the days that remain to enjoy the traditional Parade, which precedes the magical night, in which the Magi will go home and leave their presents.

Thus, the children will see their wishes fulfilled, their illusions will have come true and the adults will remember our childhood through the smile of our children.

Although the origin of the Magi is quite uncertain and they are only mentioned in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, through the centuries, the story that tells that they came to Jerusalem guided by a star to offer the Child, gold, incense and myrrh, It has been fed by legend and has filled the hearts of millions of children with illusion.

In Spain, the oldest Parade is that of Alcoy, in Alicante, which dates back to 1866 and which is also considered a festival of tourist interest.

Following the tradition, on January 5, in all Spanish cities and in many others in Mexico and Peru, there is a parade of floats, where the Three Wise Men, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, along with their pages, throw candy and small toys to children who are on the street.

Every year, I am moved by the impressive spectacle of seeing on the faces of my children, their friends and all the other children around me in the parade, the expression of amazement and excitement.

The eyes of the little ones light up at such a fantastic show, next to the float of their favorite Wise King. The youngest children are even afraid of the passage of the Cavalcade, but the fascination is so great and the expectation so intense that, holding on to the mother's arms, they raise their heads to raise their gaze upwards, while others stand On daddy's shoulders and among all of us we look for the highest possible place so as not to miss any of that spectacle of light and color, which, overcome by illusion, makes the whole family happy.

That same night, the Three Wise Men from the East are going to give the children the toys they have asked for, yes, they have been good. Tradition says that children who have not behaved well during the year are brought charcoal, so they do not stop repeating, during the previous days, that they have been very good all year.

I love to see how children live more sincerely their night and Three Kings party than the older ones on other days. Although we do not realize it in our hectic day to day, in life illusions matter at any age, they are part of our existence and without them life is reduced to a lot of monotony and weakness, whose meaning vanishes when we reflect a little about the topic.

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