Changes in a woman's sexual desire after childbirth

Changes in a woman's sexual desire after childbirth

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The period after the baby is born is usually a bit difficult in terms of sexuality. Many women feel their sexual desire reduced to a minimum, in fact many say they do not think about it at all.

This feeling can last for months, and we can find hormonal, exhaustion, psychological, organizational causes ... or simply not finding the moment.

- Physical fatigue: A woman's sex drive has to compete with the overwhelming fatigue that results from caring for a newborn, which requires our attention 24 hours a day, and above all requires a lot of physical contact. In addition to the few hours of sleep, the little time that we can dedicate to ourselves (to fix ourselves, look and feel good ...)

Babies are exhausting: they require 24-hour attention and a lot of physical contact; This can wear you down physically and emotionally. When you finally have a moment to yourself, you may need a break from intense physical contact, and this puts sex low on your priority list.

- Hormonal changes: We must bear in mind that the body is recovering from the important changes suffered during pregnancy and childbirth (or cesarean section); Hormonal changes occur that can cause emotional imbalances.

- Fear of pain: Another fear that affects women is that intercourse is painful and, for many women, the first sexual encounters after childbirth are uncomfortable. Something important that we like to remind women is that intimate relationships are not limited to intercourse, that during this special time of change, kisses, caresses and hugs can be very satisfying and comforting for couples.

It is important to note that in the event of pelvic floor discomfort, it is highly recommended that the woman go to a pelvic floor specialist (midwife or physiotherapist) to assess the correct healing of the suture (in the event that there has been a tear or episiotomy) , since many times it is the cause of painful intercourse; that affect sexual desire.

Fortunately, for most women this reduction in sexual desire is temporary. With time and patience, both she and her partner can rebuild a satisfying sexual relationship.

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