10 innocents to do with children

10 innocents to do with children

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Riddles of the family

Jokes kids can make on Innocents' Day, December 28


With this joke you will have a great time. Modify the wake-up time for a family member or friend so that they wake up an hour earlier and wake up early.

Before your father takes the computer, put a sticker on the base of the mouse that covers the laser that causes its movement. You will see how he despairs when he sees that the pointer does not move.

If you have a gossipy friend, this is the perfect joke. Paint the rubbers of the binoculars with bitumen so that when you look through them, your eyes will be painted black.

Another joke for the most nickels. Stick a coin on the ground and you will see how many will try to take it. innocent!

It is the most typical joke of the Day of the Holy Innocents. Draw the figure of the puppet on a sheet of paper, cut it out and stick it on the back of one of your friends or family.

Before breakfast time, and before anyone notices, change the sugar for salt and you will see how expensive they are for those who drink coffee or juice with salt.

A classic joke that never fails. Tie a string to a bill, put it on the ground and hide. When someone bends over for the bill, you pull the string and laugh at their bewilderment.

Perhaps the joke with which the victim will be most ashamed. Get yourself one of the classic sound cushions that we will place on our victim's chair, so that when he feels he sounds as if a flatulence had escaped him. What gases!

Before you go to bed, prepare a refreshing breakfast for your parents. Grab their usual bowl, pour milk and cereal into it, put it in the freezer and you'll see the next morning how expensive they are when they see what you've prepared.

Laughter is guaranteed with this joke. Buy a plastic fly or spider and put it on a friend's plate. You will see how quickly his appetite disappears!

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