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Enjoy and accompany the children in each of their stages without haste

Enjoy and accompany the children in each of their stages without haste

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We have a bad habit of thinking too much about the future, or perhaps there is someone around us who invites us to go too far into the future, and that makes us disconnect from the present and neglect what we have here and now. Discover why we must enjoy and accompany children in each of their stages.

There is a phrase that is seen a lot on social networks, which says something like "one is a mother all his life, but he (or she) will be a child only once." And so it is. My daughter was three years old only once and graduated from Kindergarten only once, and that is now a thing of the past.

Boys and girls should be that, boys and girls, they must behave like boys and girls and they must act like boys and girls. And they must feel like boys and girls, play and run like boys and girls.

When a baby crawls, we already want him to walk. When he walks, we already want him to ride his bike, and then we want to take off his training wheels. We live in one accelerated society, it seems that we want to go consuming stages and we forget the here and now.

We dream that our children will be engineers or journalists, or that they will travel the world and know many languages. I invite you not to dream so much and to be more present at the time. All of this is achieved through respectful parenting, which accompanies each moment of their childhood, without accelerating, without overwhelming and favoring many moments of activities typical of a boy or girl, based mainly on play and thinking about the real needs of my son or daughter. And is that really what you need to be happy.

Children come into the world as a blank book, and they will fill it day by day with their stories, their learnings, their experiences and experiences. All this will make your personality, your character and your own identity take shape.

We adults, who accompany them in their day to day, either as a mother or a teacher in my case, are responsible for generating many of those experiences, and that will depend on whether they see the world, life, in one way or another.

The infant stage it is a magical stage and as a stage it has an end. Respect it, and thus you will be creating an emotionally healthy child and ready to also create a better world. I leave you these tips:

- Take a deep breath, watch your son or daughter, that moment is unique and will not return.

- Enjoy every moment, respecting its rhythm.

- You do not want him to grow up before his time, yes he learns in responsibility and autonomy, but as a child he is.

- Do not scold him because he did not learn something, maybe that moment did not come and he needs more time.

- Respect their rate of development, do not over stimulate their progress.

- Do not ask him to do things when he is older, because he is not an adult.

- Do not overload your child with extracurricular activities to make him better. Let's not make them competitive!

- Do not advance your school learning. He already has teachers at school who take care of that.

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