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Parents too strict. Consequences for the child

Parents too strict. Consequences for the child

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There are many parents who think that when they have a strict upbringing at home, their children will have better behavior and their education will be correct. But the reality is quite different, since children do not need negative authority or punishment In order to behave well, a too strict upbringing will only cause children to have low self-esteem and to create behavioral problems, that is, everything that you want to avoid with an authoritarian and strict parenting style, is what you get.

1. They do not internalize responsibility. Excessive limits will make children unable to control their behavior by themselves, so they will not be able to learn to regulate themselves. Exaggerated rules will only make children reluctant to follow them and take responsibility for themselves. Self-discipline is only achieved with limits based on affection and respect, and never on imposition.

2. Low self-esteem. Low self-esteem or having complexes appears due to the feeling that they are not being listened to by their parents at any time, they think that their opinion does not matter or that their ideas are respected. It seems that what they have to say is not important.

3. Children can become bullies. Children learn and live what they see, so if they learn what they must fear to do things well, they will learn to intimidate others in order to get what they want. If you yell at him, he will yell, if you use force, he will too.

4. They will not be able to trust others. Basic trust in parents is essential for there to be a good bond between parents and children, if this trust does not exist, it will be difficult for children to believe in others, something that will seriously impair their social skills. Children will think that for their parents to love them they must win by setting rules and limits, so they may think that everyone is selfish and that everything has a price.

5. Passive attitude towards life. Children may have a passive attitude towards life and therefore do not take responsibility as something important. Children learn with a strict parenting style that everyone has a fixed place and adopt an attitude of submission to leaders or systems of authority. They feel that they are not responsible for their own life.

6. Tendency to anger and depression. This authoritative parenting style will make children feel that their thoughts are not valued and that their parents are not there to handle difficult feelings or to learn to behave well. Feeling lonely and emotionally abandoned can lead to anger and depression.

7. They are more rebellious. There are studies that show that children who are raised with a strict parenting style become more angry and rebellious when they reach adolescence because they cannot have the necessary tools to self-regulate emotions and behavior. Young people will exaggerate when they think someone is trying to tell them what to do.

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