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10 causes of high risk pregnancy

10 causes of high risk pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most important moments in a woman's life. Usually, although expecting a child involves changes bodily and psychological natural to the mother, some factors may pose a risk to her health and that of the baby.

A pregnancy is considered to be high risk when there are medical, gynecological or social factors that increase the chances of mortality during pregnancy and delivery.

The causes that cause a high-risk pregnancy are highly variable and can occur before conception or during the gestation period. Usually only one 10% of pregnancies they are considered high risk.

According to Dr. Víctor M. Meneses of the Mexican College of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the causes range from congenital anomalies and social problems up to the age of the mother. In general, the ten most common causes of this type of pregnancy are:

- anemia

- Hepatitis

- Pregestational and gestational diabetes

- Toxoplasmosis

- Morbid obesity

- Eclampsia and preeclampsia

- Threat of premature labor

- Alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction

- Maternal age less than 18 or greater than 40 years

- Multiple pregnancies

Pregnancies involving a serious health risk mother and baby can be detected in two ways. In the first place, when the pregnant woman goes to the first check-up, the gynecologist will do medical tests and questions aimed at discovering if there is a high risk in pregnancy.

Second, a high-risk pregnancy can be diagnosed by a medical problem such as bleeding, abnormal pain, hypertension, or gestational diabetes. It will also be very important for the diagnosis mother's medical history and your background.

According to Dr. Meneses, among the usual tests for detecting a high-risk pregnancy are the blood test, blood count, ultrasound, glucose levels, urine test (urine culture) and ultrasound.

The first thing is to follow the medical guidelines that guarantee good health for the pregnancy. Both the woman and the baby should undergo a more complete control, to avoid further complications. Treatment will depend on the reason why the pregnancy was considered high risk by the doctor. In general, the doctor will make adjustments in your lifestyle, in your daily tasks, in your diet, etc. There will be cases in which the use of medications will be needed.

The best way to carry a risky pregnancy in a healthy way is to eat a balanced diet, exercise in a controlled and regular way, and avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption.

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