What and how to make up children at Christmas

What and how to make up children at Christmas

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Christmas is a time of magic, fantasy and a lot of excitement for children. The little ones live the Christmas holidays with passion and great enthusiasm. However, it is not always necessary for them to receive a huge amount of toys, sometimes the little details are the best. How?

In We tell you an idea for children to have fun in a big way, with little things.

We propose an activity that you can do as a family and that children will experience in a very special way. It is about making them fantasy makeup with Christmas motifs. You can make them yourself at home, they will feel like exceptional protagonists.

Before starting, we recommend that you do not apply makeup to children under 3 years of age, since their skin is extremely sensitive, always use hypoallergenic makeup bars that can be removed with soap and water. Always remove make-up from the child before going to bed.

Material: white, gray and gold makeup sticks, a dark gray contour pencil and glitter.

To make this makeup, we have first drawn the outline with the white bar to later color the interior. We have applied a dark gray pencil to contour on the outside of the drawing and on it, we put glitter.

Step by step of the Christmas angel makeup in VIDEO
Step by step of the Christmas angel makeup in PHOTOS

Material: white, black and red makeup bars; black outline pencil and glitter.

Start by making two circles around the eyes with the white bar and fill the inside with white. With black pencil, draw two round horns from the end of the nose, towards the forehead. Use the red pencil to color the tip of the nose and lips. Make some whiskers.

Step by step of Santa's reindeer makeup in VIDEO
Step by step of Santa's reindeer makeup in PHOTOS

Material: red and white makeup stick, black contour pencil and glitter.

Use the white bar to create big eyebrows and a beard. For the hair draw a cloud shape on the forehead and fill it with white. Outline the beard and eyebrows with a black pencil. Paint the tip of the nose red and apply a little glitter.

Step by step of the makeup of Santa Claus in VIDEO
Step by step of Santa's makeup in PHOTOS

Material: white and blue makeup stick and glitter

Using the white makeup stick, outline a star around one of the eyes. Paint the interior white. Make the stele of the star on the forehead also in white. Outline with blue pencil and apply glitter with the sponge around the star.

Step by step of star makeup in VIDEO
Step by step of the Christmas star makeup in PHOTOS


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