Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Poem for children about the origin of Christmas

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Poem for children about the origin of Christmas

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For many children, Christmas is gifts and dinners with the family. It is true that the meetings and those present are part of these special parties, but there is much more. We, the parents, must talk to our children about what is behind these holidays (Christmas values, the spirit that overwhelms us, love ...) and what we remember when we celebrate Christmas.

Therefore, in We propose you a beautiful poem for children that talks about the origin of Christmas. Its titled "In Bethlehem Jesus was born" and it tells how the virgin Mary gave birth to the child in a manger and the help she received from shepherds and neighbors who came to worship the baby.

If you want to talk to your child about the birth of Jesus, we also recommend the Christmas story that collects his story. It would be a great idea to read this story and this poem as a family just before or just after putting the Nativity Scene decoration at home. In this way, your children will be able to understand what each of the figures represents and what role they played in the Birth of the baby Jesus. This is a good time to talk to the children about the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the Magi, etc.

Enjoy this poem very much!

Today a story is remembered

that happened many years ago,

Jesus was born in Bethlehem

In a poor cold stable

From Galilee they came

looking for accommodation,

Mary was in labor

and the pain suffering.

At last a child is born

they are both very happy,

they pray looking at the little one

showing appreciation.

How i was naked

the people very worried,

they brought him clothes and blankets

to get warm.

to bring you some presents,

guided by a star

that brought them from the East.

Neighbors and shepherds

spread the rumor,

had just been born,

cried out, the Savior.

From all over the world

with great joy

and with gifts too.

we remember that that day

the child God came into the world,

between laughter and joy.

Poetry is a great form of expression that children need to get used to. It is an excellent tool that helps children to stimulate your imagination, which teaches them a richer vocabulary and helps them exercise their memory ...

In addition, with poems we can work on the sensitivity of our children while we instill in them a series of very positive values, introduced in the verses of poetry. On the other hand, poetry often talks about emotions, a pending subject for many children who are not yet able to understand them.

Put a little more poetry in the lives of your children and ... Merry Christmas!

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