Feeding the baby with a bottle without regrets

Feeding the baby with a bottle without regrets

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We all know that breastfeeding and mother's milk is the best food for the newborn. So many new mothers live in fear during those first days of contact with their child, thinking about whether they will be able to achieve it, forcing themselves to the point of breastfeeding.

There are mothers who have problems (because the baby does not latch on, or the milk does not rise in time, due to some illness ...). This generates stress, anxiety and they end up resorting to mixed breastfeeding, without realizing that they are condemned for a long time to an almost subhuman sacrifice. Worth?

You may have been told that all women can breastfeed. And you despair to get it. Maybe you will. Maybe not. Not all women are able to breastfeed their child, for whatever reason.

It took me seven days for the milk to rise. Before that, not a drop. Then a drop and a half. He had two breast pumps, one manual and one electric. I was constantly breastfeeding my daughter. He held on for an hour or so. But my daughter was crying. I was hungry. So I chose to use the milk extractor. Another hour. I only got a few drops. Meanwhile, he prepared the bottle with artificial milk. And finally he ate at ease.

His little eyes were suddenly fixed on mine, he squeezed my finger with his little hand. Her tears then were of emotion, of love, of devotion. In those moments I remembered the words of my gynecologist: 'Try by all means breastfeeding, but if it can't be, don't despair. The world is not ending. Your daughter will love you just the same if you give her the bottle. You just have to try to give him some of your milk for the first three months. ' And so I did.

With the second child I tried again. And the same thing happened again. But this time, I no longer had regrets about giving the bottle, because I already lived the previous experience and realized that the affective bond between the baby and its mother does not depend on the breast, but on the looks, the touch, the voice and all the senses that are awakened by taking your child in your arms and hugging him. What's more, with a great advantage: that the father also participates in breastfeeding and is part of the bond that binds the whole family.

So my advice would be this: give it a try. Of course, you always have to do everything possible to give your child the best food. But if you don't get it in the first week, don't whip yourself, or become a slave to mixed lactation. Your baby will grow up well and happy if you are well and happy. Remember that you transmit everything you feel to him. Still, without an umbilical cord in between, you are still united.

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