The tree of achievements, the routine game for disobedient children

The tree of achievements, the routine game for disobedient children

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'Elena, clean up your room', 'Elena, set the table', 'Elena, do your homework', 'Elena ...'. And so every day so that, little by little, my oldest daughter begins to take responsibility for her daily tasks. Good thing I discovered the achievement tree, a game that, in a fun and highly visual way, can combat children's disobedience and stimulate their self-esteem and autonomy. Do you want to know what it consists of? We introduce you the game of routines for disobedient children. A resource designed for help children, ages 3 to 10, with their daily routines and habits through positive reinforcement.

Created by the doctor of psychology Esther Egea Sánchez, the achievement tree is a game that will help your children achieve personal achievements and improve their self-esteem in a fun way. Can you imagine that moment when you don't have to repeat things twenty times for your children to do their homework? That day has come, because with the game of 'The tree of achievements' doing daily activities will be a game for everyone.

This fun and original game is made up of a magnetic board that has a tree drawn on one side and a blackboard on the other. In addition, it includes some apples with magnets that have routines and habits of children's daily life written, and stickers of animals, stars and gomets.

We tell you the 5 steps to understand what this consists of Routine game for disobedient children:

1 - On the tree, you will place apples (achievements) achieved by your child. For example, 'I eat alone and fast', 'I pee and poop on the potty or toilet', 'I make my bed' or 'I brush my teeth after dinner'.

2 - Apples are placed at the base of the tree that the children must get within a certain period of time. For example, 'I do my homework alone' or 'I dress alone without being told'.

3 - When the apple reaches the tree, the child gets a little star that he can place in the title of the game.

4 - But this game also seeks consistency, that is, that the child is able to maintain this routine for a period of time, for example, a week. If so, present the child with a sticker of an animal.

5 - Now is when the little one goes to the next challenge. Write down your achievements in a notebook!

The creator of this Achievement Tree recommends starting with simple and easy routines. 'Every day that your child does the routine, walk up the block on the dotted path; And every day, also, review the already conquered and encourage to achieve more with positive reinforcement phrases such as 'You are a champion', 'Keep it up', 'Very good'.

And if one day the routine is not achieved, nothing happens! It is important not to fall into the trap of criticism - explains Esther Egea - and not to scold. Keep in mind that each routine has its time and that not all of them will demand the same dedication.

When the child finishes with a routine, he can start with another, but all without haste and, above all, enjoying the achievements. Ready to encourage children to be responsible?

Without a doubt, this activity, in addition to being fun and helping parents in raising their children, has a lot of advantages over the child's development. Here we tell you some of them!

1 - Increase motivation
Seeing that he is achieving goals, the child will want to continue working on them and with new ones. In this way, children will benefit through positive reinforcement, as this game focuses on positive behaviors and not their mistakes or bad behaviors.

2 - Promotes self-esteem
Your child will see his self-esteem strengthened because every day he achieves something new and he does it for himself. And so you will be reinforcing your self-confidence.

3 - Stimulates autonomy
Every day the little one will realize that he can do things by himself and that will make him increasingly not ask for your constant help.

4 - Create better habits
Washing your hands, brushing your teeth, tying your shoelaces, eating vegetables ... These are daily gestures that will lead you to have healthier habits.

5 - Develop family communication
Parents see how the child is achieving his achievements and are happy. You no longer have to be chasing the little one or scolding him all the time, and that will affect the relationship and communication with the family. Encourage a more positive family environment.

Without a doubt, The Tree of Achievements' is a very effective tool for helping children to be more autonomous and responsible with their things.

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