Why We Should Take Children To The Library More Often

Why We Should Take Children To The Library More Often

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He habit of reading It is essential in the development and education of children, as well as being very enriching at the cultural level. It stimulates creativity, imagination, the ability to concentrate and attention, provides knowledge, enriches vocabulary, feeds your curiosity and with it, flexibility of thought.

There are many benefits that books and stories can provide if they are present in the daily lives of children. Therefore, we should take the kids to the library more often. These cultural centers are a very stimulating space in which the little ones can improve their skills.

When we talk about plans with children, we are presented with multiple leisure proposals. Among all of them, one of the best options is to visit the library. There, the children will have a good time while they learn and, in addition, in most cases it is free.

They can choose the books and stories they want. In addition, many of the libraries have other alternatives such as computers, videos or music.

The visit to the library involves various beneficial learning in the development and education of children in addition to encourage the habit of reading. Among them:

1. Respect social norms of coexistence
It is important that from an early age they understand that when there are rules it will be necessary to respect them. In this way they will reach the objective of the next point. Abiding by the rules makes it easier to learn values.

2. They learn values
They do so when they understand that they should not disturb other people in the center using their facilities. Or taking care of the copies and materials that they decide to use and borrow. In addition to being more responsible when it comes to taking care of the borrowed material.

3. Less materialistic
The little ones enjoy a material that is not theirs, but everyone's. They learn to enjoy it when they have the books in their hands, but they know that when they are finished they will not keep them, but that others will be able to entertain themselves with them.

4. Strengthen family ties
It is an activity that parents and children share and this makes them spend time together while strengthening ties of family unity.

When a child is fond of reading from an early age, he develops certain cognitive skills more easily that will help him navigate the world. If the little one becomes 'fond' later he will experience greater difficulties. That is why we can speak of the 'Matthew effect' (the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer) from the educational perspective, where premature learning accompanied by success leads to later achievements, while early failure in reading can lead to problems in learning reading skills.

Therefore, it will be essential to promote interest in reading and create an enriching and healthy habit from an early age.

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