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How the parents' career affects children

How the parents' career affects children

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It sure isn't the first time you've asked yourself how your career affects children, or rather, how the time you spend away from home can influence their behavior, right? And it is that it has happened to all of us having to miss the closing function of the term or that excursion in which parents can also go for a last minute work meeting.

And this is the question that mothers and fathers get into our heads and that is constantly repeated: How do our careers affect our children? On our site we are going to analyze it, but first of all, perhaps we could formulate it in another way: What can we do to optimize the time we spend with our little ones? Pay attention that they are very simple things!

On average, you spend about 8 hours (a little less if you have a reduced working day) in an office giving the best of yourself to build your professional career, and when you get home a lot of things await you to do, among which, of course , the most important is that of spend some time with your son and find out how they have been at school.

But spend time with your son or children also means showers, dinners, homework and other chores that take you all afternoon and in which you cannot take too long because they have to go home early, that tomorrow you have to get up early to go to school.

And then the parental regrets: How do they feel? Do you notice that you lack time to be with your family? Will it have consequences for their attitude and therefore affect them in their adult life? Let me tell you something, dear readers, recently I also wanted to investigate the subject to get rid of doubts and what I discovered were these two premises that caught my attention, now you will understand why.

As I read in a study, having parents spend many hours immersed in their work 'can' cause children to have behavior problems in the short and long term. And when I speak of "immersed" I mean that the kids are negatively affected by “digital distraction”, that is, due to the fact that the father or mother is still connected to their work when they get home and they do not stop looking at their mobile or computer to see if they have entered that "so important" email, not because they work outside of House.

They are also influenced by that moment when you come home overwhelmed by the day you have had. They, who notice everything, absorb it.

Most of this research on the impact of parent employment in children it analyzes whether they work full or part time and the number of hours they spend outside the home, counting transportation. However, I also read an investigation that went one step further (here is the second premise that caught my attention) and that analyzed the values ​​that parents work outside the home.

Still don't know what I mean? Sure you do, you just have to think about it. The fact that your children see that you work gives them positive value and enriches them as people, makes them see that they can go where they want and shows them the importance of pursuing the goals and dreams of each one.

If we feel satisfied with our career, they will see it as an example to follow. How to get to one premise or another? How do we get our children to be reinforced by our work instead of the other way around? Very simple, in our hands is the answer, we just have to start it.

As this second study said, we as mothers and fathers are capable of providing healthy experiences to our children if we are psychologically present with them and, in addition, ensuring that our work increases their sense of competence and well-being. How? Follow these tips.

1. Nothing to spend empty time with them in which you watch your mobile and they watch television. He time must be of quality and in which communication flows in both directions.

2. Work is work, and home is home, so put the phone and computer aside when you're with your kids.

3. You have a bad day and you take the stress to home? Nothing happens! Just try not to be the norm. Have you tried telling your loved ones why you feel this way? It works for me as therapy, even my little one gives me a simple vision that makes me feel much better.

4. The weekend is the ideal time to enjoy with family. We know you know, but many times we forget, right?

5. A smile, a hug, a caress, an "I love you", a good night story, a kind word ... All this serves to show the best of affection. Why not do it daily?

Surely finding the balance between work and family life seems easier for you now, right?

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