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The Incredible Power of Stroking to Relieve Babies Pain

The Incredible Power of Stroking to Relieve Babies Pain

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Caresses that are given with great care have the power to calm the crying and discomfort of a baby. Why? Well, because they transmit security and affection and because they are a perfect source of heat. But, there are many more advantages that skin-to-skin contact has in the smallest of the house. In we talk about the power of stroking to relieve pain in babies.

If we look at the more technical definitions, we will find answers such as that caresses have the power to calm the pain or restlessness of a baby because reduce the child's brain activity associated with certain painful experiences. Touch has a most effective analgesic effect because, by increasing the bond between mother or father and baby due to physical contact, stress is reduced. Also, if parents are less nervous when trying to comfort the baby, the baby will notice and relax.

This information has been verified by a study by the University of Oxford in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, which ensures that stroking the baby reduces brain activity associated with pain. He also quotes phrases like this: "We found evidence to suggest that C-tactile afferents can be activated in babies and that slow, gentle contact can cause changes in their brain activity."

What if you look at the sweetest answers; those that only mothers understand. Well we will hear words like that skin-to-skin contact helps create a bond with the baby from birth, which encourages the union between family members, that a kiss or a caress calms even the most uncontrollable crying. We will also hear things such as that if you put your hand on the baby's belly and give him a gentle massage, you will surely relieve the gases that bother him so much, or that if you wipe the tears from his cheek he will look you in the eyes with tenderness and a lot love.

Do we make a list with the main advantages of petting your child every day? Let's go there!

1. They reduce pain and calm crying

2. They are vital for premature babies

3. They stimulate their intelligence

4. Reduce stress

5. They provoke positive feelings

6. They prevent them from getting nervous if they have to go to the pediatrician

7. They provide well-being, affection and togetherness

8. Babies feel comforted and full of love

9. They contribute to developing their self-esteem

10. They provide peace of mind and confidence

11. They improve the mood of children

12. They are an excellent therapy to share with the family

13. They are an ideal method to relax and even improve sleep

14. Create links between parents and children

Surely you can think of many more benefits of hugging. You can complete the list and read it whenever you need. Just remember it is great to caress your child, hug him, squeeze him, fill him with kisses and the more signs of love that go through your mind. And do it at any time of the day and whenever you or he need it.

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