8 out of 10 children with cancer outgrow the disease

8 out of 10 children with cancer outgrow the disease

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Of course, the best news would be that there were no more children with cancer, right? But in the meantime, I think that knowing that children with this disease can overcome it can greatly ease the pain that some parents feel. In fact, doctors agree that children cope better than many adults with the disease and its treatment.

Despite their illness, children do not become depressed or anxious. They know they are sick and are aware that they have less health, flexibility, and endurance than other healthy children.

Childhood cancer cases in Spain have stabilized and the level of survival of children with this disease has grown in recent years. In other words, what theSpanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) is that there are still around 1,400 new cases of childhood cancer each year and that 80 percent of children manage to overcome this disease.

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease after the first year of life in developed countries. 25% are cases of leukemia. The good news is that mortality has decreased and survival has increased, considerably, although children with cancer have no choice but to learn to live with the annoying periodic check-ups, with the possibilities of suffering a relapse and with the physical consequences of therapies.

Thanks to advances in early diagnosis and treatments, childhood cancer cases in Spain do not grow and children have a better chance of overcoming this disease. We must also highlight the work of associations such as the AECC, which supports children who are ill with cancer not only through projects, but also through residency and reception flats, leisure camps, psychosocial assistance or volunteering in hospitals.

Apart from all that we can also underline the dedication and support that the child receives from his family. Social resources such as family, friends and classmates and school teachers, positively influence the child's adaptation to the new situation.

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