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The secret language of a mother to a child through looks

The secret language of a mother to a child through looks

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The relationship, or rather the bond, that is established between a mother and a child is so special and unique that many times it is not necessary to say anything. It is enough that the woman opens her eyes and sets her gaze on her little one so that he knows and understands what his mother wants to convey to him. Today I want to talk to you about that secret language from a mother to a child through looks.

It always moves me when I look into my son's eyes and I remember the unconditional love I feel for him ... And the thing is, like mothers, we can have many looks towards our children, looks that fill our hearts, looks that make us feel good and why not, looks that make us sad ...

Today I want to talk to you about types of looks that we are capable of having and of the effects that our gaze can have; because do not forget that, one thing is what you want to convey and quite another, what your eyes tell ...

Our children were born and raised looking into our eyes, yet sometimes we believe that they do not "realize" our true feelings or thoughts. Error on our part, but we do.

1. The first look I define it as "Loving", where the message is "I am for you", an unconditional look where feelings are open to be read like transparent water.

2. The "I'm proud of you" look It is one of my favorites, because with her I know that I am transmitting empowerment so that she can achieve what she sets out to do.

3. We also have the "Fearful" look, that in front of the "Confiada", they must go of the hand. If we just transmitted fear, we may be limiting our children; however, accompanied by a look of "I'm afraid, but I trust you" we will make it become a precaution.

4. Another of my favorites is "Be brave. You can." With this look, you are giving him all your strength and security. Practice it whenever you can and avoid saying "not there."

5. There is looks with which we convey "Joy", saying to the child "I have a good time with you." This look at certain ages, should be the most used.

6. By cons, we have the look of "Sadness", that many times we want to avoid it. It is the typical look that we do not like to transmit and we mask it with a smile, forgetting that our children know us from the first moment, and know how to recognize when we are really sad. Be careful with this look because if you hide it, the message you will teach him is not to show his sadness.

7. Another look that, sometimes, we try to repress is that of "Anger". We think that it is not convenient for our children to experience certain signs of anger, but also, remember that we should not be emotional elitists, where we avoid the emotions that we call “not positive” and we only want to feel and show those that we call “positive”. In reality, anger is not an emotion that we should have, so more than trying to express, find out what leads you to it.

8. Another look that we try to camouflage is that of "Pena", especially when our children are sick or have a physical problem. Looking at them with “What a shame you give me! What will become of you when I am gone, because you will not be like the rest of the children! " it will not help to accept the real situation that is being lived. Be careful with this look that can do a lot of damage to our children.

And finally, do not try to give a message with your eyes, just live happily and your eyes will say everything. Remember that our eyes are the windows of our soul, because the look is the true language of love.

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