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48 beautiful names for girls with 4 letters that you will want to put your baby

48 beautiful names for girls with 4 letters that you will want to put your baby

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There is no magic formula for finding the perfect name for your daughter. But, if there were, surely it would have ingredients such as parental love, the illusion of the new arrival and the hope that the little girl will be lucky throughout her life. Making a decision as important as knowing what to call your daughter is complicated, that's why in we have compiled a list with some names for girls with 4 letters.

The names that we propose are short and concise. It doesn't take more than two pairs of letters to come up with a beautiful and powerful name to call your little daughter. You will like these ideas so much that you will want to put them all on your baby.

There are parents who prefer to bet on the classic and opt for one of these popular names for girls. If so many people have chosen them for their daughters, it will be for something, right? On the one hand we offer you names with a lot of tradition and, on the other, names that are being used more and more to name the little newborns. Which one do you prefer?

1. Nora
Since celebrities such as soccer player Fernando Torres chose him for his daughter, Nora is an increasingly common name. It comes from other names like Leonora, a nice more classic nickname that has Celtic origin. It means "growing", so it is perfect for a little baby who has just arrived in the world.

2. Pink
Many women around the world are called Rosa. It is very common in countries like Peru, since Santa Rosa is the patron saint of the city of Lima. It is a name of Latin origin whose saints are celebrated on August 23. It is a very cheerful name that is reminiscent of one of the most beautiful flowers: roses.

3. Alba
On August 15, Nuestra Señora del Alba is celebrated, in honor of the Virgin Mary. There is some controversy around the origin of this beautiful 4-letter name, as some say it is Latin, while others say it is Indo-European. In any case, Alba is a name that refers to dawn, a moment of rebirth, of new opportunities, of first times ...

4. Lara
Lara is a beautiful name of Latin origin. It comes from lar, which means "God protector of the home." It is a name that already appeared in Roman mythology, thanks to the nymph Lara. The relaxed and open sound of this name is what makes it a very nice option for a baby girl who is about to be born.

5. Aura
Aura is a name with a very special spirit, with a lot of magic. Its origin is found, neither more nor less, than in the Roman imperial era and refers to the breeze, that pleasant wind that you need to feel comfortable. Aura conveys a certain spirituality and fluidity, making it an ideal name for calmer girls.

6. Lupe
Lupe is the shortened form of Guadalupe, but it has become such a popular nickname that it is already used as a full name. Guadalupe is a name of Arabic origin that means "black stones", so it could be a very appropriate way to call a girl who is born with very shiny black hair.

7. Vera
With Latin origin, Vera is a name that has gained great popularity in recent years. It comes from verus, which means "true". Does this mean that girls with this 4-letter name will never tell lies? It should be seen ... There are many personalities throughout history who have borne this name, such as the actress Vera Miles.

8. Emma
Emma is one of those names that have become so popular in recent times. It is an ideal nickname for girls who come into the world with great power and strength, because that is exactly what this name means. Although we have already completely appropriated this name, the truth is that its origin is in the German language.

9. Iris
Iris is a classy name that has Greek origin. Its meaning comes from iris or iridis and, indeed, refers to the rainbow. Did you know that Iris was the daughter of Taumas and Electra according to Greek mythology? She, personified in a beautiful rainbow, was the union between heaven and earth. Its cute meaning makes many parents decide on a name as beautiful as this.

10. Laia
In regions like Catalonia, Laia is a very popular name. But, did you know that its origin is Greek? It is a shorter form of Eulalia, which means "well spoken" or "eloquent". Its saints are usually celebrated on February 12 or December 10. If you are looking for a name for a girl that is short but direct, you can put this beautiful nickname on your list of options.

11. Moon
As you can imagine, the name Luna refers to our favorite star, the one that lights up our nights and the one that has inspired so much throughout the history of humanity. It is a name of Latin origin that is becoming more and more frequent due to the mysterious and somewhat melancholic character it transmits.

12. Elsa
Elsa is a very common name all over the world, as we find it in different languages. It is said that its origin is Hebrew and that it comes out when combining eli and zabad (or saba). As such, its meaning is often understood as "God has sworn" or "God is abundance." Also, you should know that it is the hypocoristic of Elisabet or Elisabeth.

13. Lola
Lola is a name steeped in tradition that, although it tends to be used less and less, is still frequent, especially in countries like Spain. It comes from Dolores, although Lola has become so popular that it is already used as a separate name. We have to detail that it has a Latin origin and that it means "the one who suffers." How not to remember the great Lola Flores when choosing a name like this for a girl.

14. Flower
There are those who choose names like Rosa or Margarita ... but there are parents who take the most generic form: Flower. This name is loaded with so much joy and strength because of its meaning, but also because it is a short name of 4 letters and a single syllable. Flor may be an increasingly rare name among girls born today, however its use has not yet been completely lost thanks to some parents who prefer classic names.

15. Aida
Did you know that Aída is a name of Arabic origin? In some cases this name is also found as Aida (without an accent on the i). The most opera-loving parents will choose this name in honor of Verdi's most famous and tragic work. This name comes from ayda, which means "distinguished" or "generous".

16. Aina
Aina is a beautiful name very popular in some areas of Spain. It comes from another very nice nickname with 4 letters like Anna. Calling your little girl that is a good idea, because it is a name that is easy to pronounce, although many people cannot remember it because it still seems unknown to them.

17. Agnes
Ines is a beautiful name of Greek origin that comes from agné. Its meaning speaks of one who is "innocent", "pure" or "chaste". Throughout history, several women named Inés have taken over the literature. This is the case of the very famous Doña Inés from "Don Juan Tenorio" by José Zorrilla. An ideal name for your little one!

Did you like these popular names? If you are looking for nicknames a little more original, you should take into account some tips to find the perfect name. Look at the video!

For all those parents looking for names related to Christianity have a look at the following list. We have collected some names for girls that have 4 letters and they contain a very special meaning. Some of these names are collected in the Bible and others refer to Christian saints. Don't miss them!

18. Ruth
The name Ruth, which can often also be found as Ruth, appears in the Holy Book to name the great-grandmother of King David. It has Hebrew origin and comes from re'ût, which means "beauty" or "friend". You should also know that Santa Ruth is celebrated on June 4. Choose this name for your daughter if you are looking for a nickname with strength and great force.

19. Sara
In the Bible, Sarah (or Sarah) was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac, when the father was already 89 years old. It is, therefore, a Hebrew name that comes from Sarah. It means "princess" or "lady". Does this mean that all girls named Sara are born with leadership skills? Choose this name for your little one and you will find out!

20. Olga
Olga conveys a certain toughness and imperturbability, right? It is a very adorable name for a little girl like yours. It comes from the Russian, from oleg, which means "uncertain". Its use has been popular in recent decades in honor of Saint Olga, a Duchess of Russia who made Christianity known to her country.

21. Mara
Mara is a name of biblical origin that means "bitterness". This is the name Naomi started using when she lost her husband and children. Despite the somewhat unpleasant meaning, Mara is a name with a precious sound that can suit any girl in the world. By the way, did you know that Mara is a frequent name in Italy?

22. Rita
Have you ever heard that about ... "Santa Rita, Rita; what is given, is not taken away"? It is a popular saying in Spain that refers to Santa Rita de Casia, known as the patron saint of the impossible. Rita comes from Margarita, a name related to royalty and high birth. Among the famous women who have been named like that, actress Rita Hayworth.

23. Aroa
Do you know a girl named Aroa? Every time it is an option more chosen by parents to call their little ones. Despite the fact that this name is becoming less and less new, it continues to convey a certain originality and special magic. On July 5 its saints are celebrated, Santa Aroa. The origin of this name is somewhat uncertain, which means that no agreement has been reached on its meaning.

24. Vega
On September 8 different regions of the world celebrate the day of Santa María de la Vega. It honors the virgin with this name, of which, however, the exact origin is unknown. Some experts suggest that it is an Iberian nickname, whose meaning would be related to fertility. In any case, it is a lovely name that could look good on any girl who is about to be born.

25. Gem
If you are thinking of calling your daughter Gema, you must mark May 14 on your agenda forever. It is such a day that Santa Gema is celebrated. This name, which is sometimes also written as Gemma, is of Latin origin and means "bud". With the passage of time, it also refers to precious stones. And, although it is a name that has been used for many years, it still sounds very current since it has not worn out.

We have many more name ideas for girls with four letters. Here are some much more original nicknames. We have made a small list with some strange names, most of them with distant origins, which will help all those parents who want an almost unique name for their daughters. We started!

26. Soul
Alma is undoubtedly a name as spiritual as it is beautiful. There are 4 letters that manage to give magic to everyone who bears this name. It is a name of Latin origin that has spread, in its different versions, to countries such as France, England or Italy.

27. Fairy
There are parents who prefer to use the name Fairy and others who stick with the 3-letter version: Ada. Every time you call your daughter, you will think of those tiny characters from mythology and stories that flit around committing some misdeeds.

28. Chloe
Looking for pretty names for girls? What do you think of Chloe? Chloe, which in its Anglo-Saxon version is Chloe, is a beautiful name of Greek origin that means "grass" or "green bud".

29. Irma
Irma is a name of German origin that will delight all those parents who want a nickname that conveys sweetness as well as strength and confidence. This name comes from irmen or airmans, which means "immense" or "strong".

30. Jeny
Jeny comes from Jennifer, a name of Welsh origin that has come to us from the United Kingdom and the United States, where it is very popular. In recent years, more and more newborn girls have been named that, to the point that many parents have decided to stick directly with the shorter choice of the name: Jeny, Jenny or Jeni.

31. Neus
Neus means snow in Catalan, so it is a very appropriate name for your daughter if your favorite season of the year is winter. Nieves is a name of Latin origin that means "one that has supreme whiteness".

32. Isis
Isis is one of those names that convey great power. It is no coincidence, since it is the name of the Egyptian deity of fertility and nature. Can you imagine your daughter with a name like this?

33. Suri
Possibly who popularized this name, which is becoming more and more popular in schools and nursery schools, was the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It comes from the Hebrew and means "princess".

34. Beth
Beth is a short way of calling girls called Elisabeth. Given the frequency with which parents have chosen it for their daughters, especially in certain regions of Spain, it has already become a name on its own.

35. Nina
Nina may have been a common name a few decades ago, but her use has been dropping. Why not get it back by putting it on your daughter? It has Latin origin and has often been used as an abbreviation for Ana or Cristina.

36. Gala
Gala is a name closely related to art thanks to the woman and great muse of Salvador Dalí, who bore this name. Its origin is German and means "old" or "gray". An irony to choose this name for a girl who has just been born, right?

37. Inna
Inna is a name of Russian origin that is used in honor of a martyr of the Orthodox Church. Experts also place the origin of this name in Greece, where it meant "little girl".

38. Tara
You may not have met many Taras, but it is a popular name in countries like Ireland, Australia, or the United States. It is believed that its origin is Welsh and that it refers to royalty.

39. Aria
Parents who are fans of the television series "Game of Thrones" will not be able to resist calling their daughter Aria, after the character of Aria Stark. Bravery and courage are two of his most remarkable qualities.

40. She
Ella (often pronounced as Ela) is also a name of Anglo-Saxon origin. There it was especially frequent during the Middle Ages, and it was the abbreviation chosen for a name as widespread as Ellen. Did you know that David Bisbal's daughter is called Ella?

41. Jara
Jara refers to a bush with pretty white flowers. It is a name that began to be used a few decades ago but, as it was not very popular, it still sounds original today.

42. Amal
If Amal's name has become popular in recent years, it has been thanks to Amal Clooney, an activist lawyer and George Clooney's wife. You should know that this name of Arabic origin is unisex, so you could also hear it in reference to men or boys.

43. Lily
How cute and sweet is Lily's name (also spelled Lili). It comes from English, in fact it is a very frequent name there, and refers to the flowers of lilies and lilies. This name can boast of conveying great sympathy.

44. Sira
Sira is the way the name Siro is applied to girls. It is, therefore, a nickname of Latin origin, which means "from Syria."

45. Life
The meaning that surrounds the word 'life' is so important and so special that many parents have chosen it to name their daughters. It is a name full of joy and desire to move on.

46. ​​Leah
Parents who want to call their daughters Leah sometimes choose Lía, as this is how it is read. Lía comes from the Hebrew, from le´ãh, and means "wild cow"; a strange meaning for a name that sounds really nice.

47. Uxía
Uxía, whose form for boy is Uxío, is a name of Greek origin that means "well born." Despite its origin, it is a widely used nickname in the north of Spain, especially in Galicia.

48. Cora
Cora is a completely original name, short and with an elegance that makes it very special. It is of Greek origin and comes from koré or korinna, meaning "maiden" or "girl".

If you are still looking for a beautiful name for your daughter, take a look at the guide to names for girls that we have put together at Congratulations on the arrival of your little one!

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