How are the drawings of children who are victims of sexual abuse

How are the drawings of children who are victims of sexual abuse

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Without a doubt, the sexual abuse, tops the list of the worst things that a child can go through and one of those that can have the greatest negative impact on their lives. It is something that worries parents, because children do not usually tell it. On this occasion we want to give you a list of possible warning signs to detect child abuse and a tool, drawing, to discover if children are victims of sexual abuse.

It is a sad reality that no child is exempt from facing such a situation; That is why beyond the care and measures that we can deploy to protect them from a sexual abuseIt is necessary, from a very young age, to teach them to take care of themselves, talking to them about the concept of private parts, not keeping any secrets (even if an adult asks for them), having the confidence to tell about any situation that overwhelms them, asking for help, etc.

In addition to this, as parents, it is also essential to be attentive to any sign that something is wrong, to be able to read the signs in time and act immediately to stop any situation that is generating conflict, including the possibility that are being abused.

Neither aspect by itself is necessarily a sign that a distress situation is occurring. child abuse; However, if we observe several of them simultaneously, it is time to thoroughly investigate what is happening with our child and if we consider it necessary, seek professional support:

- Nightmares that appear suddenly without any explanation.

- He is distracted or distant compared to how he normally behaves.

- Changes in your eating habits. Refuses to eat or overeats.

- Sudden changes in your mood. Is angry, cries frequently, overreacts to things that would not cause conflict before, etc.

- Shows signs of wanting to start a conversation about sexual issues.

- Shows extreme fear of places or people for no clear reason.

- Makes negative comments about himself, such as that he is not valuable, that he is bad, dirty, etc.

- Exhibits knowledge, language or behaviors of a sexual nature that are not expected for their age.

- Presents signs of anxiety that did not show before, such as biting nails or fingers, sucking on clothes, etc.

- Complains of pain in the genitals.

- Their academic performance declines significantly.

- Regression signs such as bedwetting, thumb sucking, or acting like a younger child.

- Changes in their hygiene habits such as refusing to take a bath, or on the contrary, the elderly can do so excessively.

Another window that allows us to realize that the lake is not going well is to observe its drawings (We know that much of what is expressed in the drawings is the reflection of traits of his personality and his inner world). Although only an expert can go further in matters of analysis and interpretation, there are some indicators to watch out for.

We must not forget to take into account the age of the child and the contrast with his previous drawings. On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, the presence of only one of them can have many possible explanations; is when several appear simultaneously, along with some of the aspects previously described, which can mean a warning sign.

Below, some of the indicators that have been found in the drawings of children who have suffered abuse or sexual abuse are:

- Drawings of unpleasant situations.

- People with obvious expressions of anger, fear, anguish, etc.

- Drawings that indicate regression in the evolutionary state of the child. They draw how when they were younger.

- Distortions of the body scheme. Figures cut, divided or disjointed.

- Naked figures. This indicator can have many interpretations depending on the age and environment in which the child develops.

- Obvious absence of the genital area.

- Shading in the genital area. Studs, marks or smudges.

- Omissions of important elements of the human figure such as face, arms, legs.

- Transparencies. The body can be seen under the clothes, as if it were transparent.

We must take this information with the necessary considerations and not burden our children permanently with invasive questions; However, it is important to know it, since, if we observe several of these signs, it is essential to find out what is happening and seek the necessary help to prevent the sexual abuse in children.

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