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Activities that help strengthen the bond between parents and children

Activities that help strengthen the bond between parents and children

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What to do to strengthen the bond between parents and children? This is one of the big questions that, every day, come to us in the editorial department of our site. Therefore, we wanted to give you some ideas for make the most of the time you are with your family and improve communication.

Stress, lack of time and technology are adversely affecting relationships with our children. The time we are at home is limited and if we spend it doing housework, cooking, checking the mobile or watching a series, What space do we leave for communication with our family? There are formulas to take advantage of the time we are together and to encourage conversation and play with our children. Here are some ideas for you!

1. Take advantage of meals to talk
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are times when all members of the family get together. It is the best situation to ask how their day has been, always naturally, not by way of questioning.

Many times we sit down to eat and do not speak. Encourage dialogue and debate. You will discover many interesting things that have happened to them that they do not tell us if they do not see the opportunity! Oh and above all make it a rule to "park" mobile phones and do not touch them during meals.

2. Read together
A good idea is read together in bed just before bedtime. When children are young they love to be told stories. In addition to being a moment to relax before going to sleep, taking advantage of the story line of the story, we can teach them values ​​and explain important things to them. We will be fostering a taste for reading and activating your imagination.

If the children are older, we can suggest that they read the books that we liked when we were little and then we can comment on them.

3. Watch a movie with the family
Watching a movie together is an opportunity to feel united. Prepare popcorn and choose the title among all. Keep in mind that it has to be for all audiences and that it has to be liked by children, adults, boys and girls. A comedy is always a good option. Laughing releases endorphins!

4. Listen to music together
Music is essential for the intellectual development of children. When they are very young, music develops their auditory perception and motor awareness. Music has the power to make us dance or get excited. Listen to the music they listen to and let them listen to what you like. You can also exchange music lists. Discover groups from the past and have them show you current groups. Encourage them to create their own lists!

5. The best and worst of the day
One trick to see if everything is going well in the lives of your children is to ask them two simple questions: What was the best of the day? and What was the worst of the day? You are going to be surprised with their answers. It's a simple way to find out what excites them and what worries them.

6. Cooking as a family
Children are capable of doing many more things than we imagine. Dare them to help you cook and even let them make the food themselves, always with due precautions so that they do not burn or cut themselves. LThe kitchen increases your autonomy and confidence and improves their manual skills while becoming familiar with the importance of leading a healthy life taking care of nutrition.

In this way, we are instilling good habits in them and preparing them for adult life. And you will see how they will value your work more, since they will experience in their own meat the effort that goes into preparing food!

7. Decorate the house
Make them participate in the decorative changes that you make in the house. They are perfectly prepared to help you paint a wall or age a piece of furniture. Take them with you to furniture stores and ask their opinion. They will feel important and think you have them in mind!

8. Play a board game
Board games are another plan to share quality moments. The games will make them laugh, they will make them think and with them they will discover new knowledge. It is an option to influence their learning in an enjoyable way.

9. Make crafts
A very fun plan for rainy days is to do some crafts. You can be inspired by the internet (take a look at the youtube channel on our site) and do things by recycling materials that you already have at home such as an empty cereal box or a bottle of detergent. Creating will feel good because they will focus on the task forgetting the worries.

10. View old photos together
An activity that strengthens family tiess is seeing photos together, photos from when they were little, and even photos from when they didn't even exist. Show them old photographs of their great-grandparents and talk about what they were like. It is a perfect time to improve their sense of belonging and to get to know you better. Tell them how you met or what you liked to do at their age!

11. Give each other hugs
And one last activity, but no less important, give you hugs and kisses every day as many times as you want. It will make you feel closer to each other!

All these activities that we have proposed will help strengthen the bond between parents and children and with the rest of the family members (we cannot forget grandparents, cousins ​​or uncles) and they will help improve the family communication. With them you will establish the foundations of an education in which children feel integrated and important.

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