How to get children to feel and get excited about a book

How to get children to feel and get excited about a book

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What can we do to instill in children an interest and a love of reading? Reading a story or story provides happiness, joy, pleasure and excitement. Reading awakens feelings and organizes children's thoughts.

And that's what life is about many times, and almost always. How to get children to get hooked on books? I believe that of all the important things that happen in childhood, learning to read is what gives children the most merit.

The first letters, words, sentences ... It is an effort that will more than compensate them for the rest of their lives. I think it is the most important thing that can happen in the life of a child.A taste for reading can be acquired even before children learn the alphabet.

Parents can help their children learn to read, even as infants. The first three months of life are important for developing children's abilities and minds. You can start with some tips:

- Talk, chat or converse with the child whenever you can. Talk to him when you are preparing his bottle, when you are changing his diaper or feeding him.

- Recite poetry and poems to the children. Rhymes will allow them to hear different sounds in words.

- Sing and listen to music with the children. Stories are great communication tools. Different rhythms and rhymes will help them learn.

- Tell tales. It is very important that you tell stories to your children. After lunch, before you go to bed ... Tell him traditional tales, stories that talk about values, or make up one that you find funny.

- Name all things. Books with pictures and names of objects, parts of the human body, fruits, toys, etc., are very suitable to read with young children. Another thing would be to name everything you touch and use inside the house, so that the little one becomes familiar with their denominations.

- From 6 months of age, it would be good if read with your child for at least 15 minutes a day. This will help you get into the habit of reading.

- Listen and pay attention to the children. Everything that your child begins to say or already says clearly is important. This will encourage you to keep trying to use words.

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