6 powerful reasons why kids should practice dancing

6 powerful reasons why kids should practice dancing

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Should they practice dance children? The answer is overwhelming: Yes. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in a new after-school activity, you should read all the benefits that this artistic discipline would bring him / her for their physical and intellectual development. After knowing all the advantages that they will bring you, you will start looking for a dance academy like crazy!

In addition to doing sports, practice dance regularly helps the child improve coordination, develop memory and increase self-esteem. But you also have to keep in mind that it is an activity with which they expose themselves to some risks of injury, avoidable, if they are careful.

Improves physical health
Dancing is an activity that will keep your children in top shape. Thanks to the physical exercise they will do during the class, they will eliminate fat and will fight obesity. Also, by dancing, children will stimulate blood circulation and respiratory system.

The dance also favors the muscle development of your children and will intervene in the correct development of their spine, improving postulate alignment. Another benefit of dancing is that it helps correct poor posture in children, and can even correct flat feet.

Increase coordination
Dancing will help your children improve laterality and coordination of their movements. They will improve their balance and gain elasticity, psychomotor skills and reflexes. They will become agile and active children!

Better social skills
But did you know that in addition practice dance Can it help to improve the social relationships of your children? Dancing is a means in which children feel free, improve their body expression and overcome shyness. By practicing dance your children will generate endorphins, release adrenaline and this will make them feel happier.

Dancing in a group they will learn values ​​such as the importance of teamwork and respect for others. In addition, they will be creative children, with a taste for music and with a greater sensitivity for the arts.

Develops intellectual abilities
Dancing improves hearing by following the music and the bars. In addition, during classes your children will develop their memory, since they will be exposed to learning complex choreographies with an order of steps that they must fix in their mind.

In dance class the children improve your concentration. They must be very attentive because if they do not get lost and break the rhythm of the class. Children who dance have been shown to have better academic results.

Build self-esteem
Dancing is the best therapy against stress and anxiety. Dancing feels good and increases your self-esteem. By losing their fear of expressing themselves in front of others and by having to get on stage during dance festivals, children will gain self-confidence.

Musical culture is learned
In dance classes, children will listen to different types of music, in different languages ​​and from other cultures: funky, hip hop, lyrical jazz, classical music, flamenco ... They will learn to appreciate music and by listening to music they will favor the production of dopamine and improve your emotional well-being.

We have seen the benefits of practicing dance, But we have to take into account some risks to which your children are exposed in order to prevent them.

Muscle injuries
Children who practice dance are exposed to muscle injuries. It is normal for children to hurt themselves at some point. Therefore, it is essential that they preheat before starting to dance. The most common injuries are those that affect the lower extremities such as sprains, ankle strains, tendinopathies or muscle tears.

Tendencies to bone lesions
Although they occur less than the muscular ones, they can also cause cracks or bone fractures, especially due to bad falls.

Can cause frustrations
If your daughter or son is very perfectionist and self-demanding, it is possible that dancing can lead to frustration, especially in schools that compete in championships. Talk to them and tell them that they are doing it to enjoy and not to set goals, tell them that the important thing is to participate and that nothing happens if they remain a secondary place.

It affects, in some cases, menstruation
Only in some cases where there is a higher level of demand in training can they be caused irregularities in the menstruation of girls, But it is not usual.

As you can see, there are many more advantages of practice dance that the inconveniences, which, in addition, can be avoided by choosing a good school run by professionals, with adequate rooms with good ventilation, doing stretching exercises, using protections, hydrating well or avoiding sudden changes of rhythm. Dare to sign them up to dance!

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