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5 serious mistakes parents with low self-esteem make

5 serious mistakes parents with low self-esteem make

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We are not aware, but as parents, we must be concerned not only about our children's self-esteem, but also about our own. How can it affect parents' low self-esteem to the kids? What consequences does this circumstance have for both of you?

I say that we are not aware, because we have, in different periods of our life, to be aware of this concept; And it is that with the idealized idea of ​​being more for our children than for ourselves, we forget that we are first and then others.

I always put the same example, if you travel by plane with a child, and suddenly you have to put on an oxygen mask, what does the crew tell us to do? First we put on the mask, and then we put it on our [email protected] Well that's what it's about, to be well we and not to make mistakes to be able to take care of and enjoy with others. What faults do I want to talk to you about?

1. Forget about yourself
One of the most frequent mistakes of parents without self-esteem It begins with the one I just explained: being more aware of others than of oneself [email protected] Sometimes we confuse self-love with selfishness. And remember the following, the selfish only looks for himself and for himself. The person who has self-love takes care of himself and loves himself and then gives the best to others. What part are you on?

2. Too demanding
The second mistake focuses on work addiction and perfectionism. The parents with no or low self-esteem They push themselves too hard outside the home, because that's where they know what to do in any situation, unlike the emotional world of their children. They are parents who work above personal happiness.

3. You don't value yourself enough
The third mistake you will experience when you are constantly seeking approval from others. You are always comparing yourself because you believe that others do better than you or that they are worth more than you. You may even think that you have nothing to feel about [email protected] This mistake is so serious that you will surely be placing your happiness on others. Record this phrase in your head: "Happiness is not what we have but what we are."

4. Hang out with toxic people
The fourth mistake is to surround yourself with toxic people in order to feel accepted and belonging to that type of group. People who, perhaps, are incapacitated like you to see the positive side of life. People who will be afraid of the unknown and who will care more about the future than the present. People who are more guilty than responsible.

5. Not being aware
And finally, as you can imagine, the question is: And so do you pretend to be a good example for your [email protected]? I know, I said at the beginning of this article: this is all done unconsciously.

Parents are a mirror for our children, a model that the little ones look at. From parents, children learn and shape their personalities. If we want our children to show solidarity, we will have to make gestures that convey this value; Likewise, if we are violent people, our children can end up developing aggressive behaviors.

For all this you have to, as a parent, work your self esteem If you think you have it low, because the consequences that this fact can have on the child's development can be fatal:

- The parents with low self-esteem they generate situations that prevent the child from developing according to their age.

- The people with low or low self-esteem they often have trouble relating to others. Do you want that for your son?

- If, for example, the father or mother is in low spirits, the child will not be able to learn tricks and strategies to be happy because he will "catch" this state of mind.

- The behavior of the father or mother can also cause the child to be more withdrawn and not want to show their feelings. It will hide your emotions!

- May develop fears and rejection towards parents. You do not show closeness and the child moves away.

Now that we are reaching the end of this article, you already know that if you have identified with some of the errors from the beginning you should take action, putting yourself in the hands of a professional to work with your self-esteem or try yourself to change these behaviors that will make you feel better about yourself and get closer to your children and your family.

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