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7 benefits of Tummy time for babies. The most fun game for your child

7 benefits of Tummy time for babies. The most fun game for your child

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While it is true that it is recommended that babies newly born sleep "on their back" (to prevent sudden infant death syndrome), it is also recommended that they spend time on their stomachs daily, with their tummy on a more or less firm surface. Is what is called Tummy time for babies and that it is nothing more than a type of gymnastics that will help you to have a correct development.

Tummy time or "tummy time" is the time babies spend on their tummy. It is a practice of physical activity for newborns, with which the correct development of the baby is promoted, and it is that the daily performance of it has multiple benefits for the little one:

1. Babies spend most of their time sleeping in a supine position, that is, on their back, so they use very little of the neck muscles. Tummy time helps their correct development, thus helping the baby to have better head control. It should be noted that the head is the heaviest part of a baby's body.

2. Being on your stomach, you will inevitably use your upper body muscles, helping to strengthen arms, back and shoulders. Thus, it also helps to develop the motor skills that the baby needs to crawl, sit ...

3. Helps prevent deformities in the baby's skull bone, such as plagiocephaly. This appears when the newborn is in the same position for a long time (lying on his back or sitting in the traditional reclining seats for newborns). Any type of placement where the baby is face down will be positive to prevent it.

4. The babies with torticollis (which makes the neck stiff and tense) can benefit from this physical activity, as it helps to release tension in the area.

5. The baby you make Tummy time you can see the world from other angles, thus obtaining different perspectives, something that help coordinate movements, especially those of the hands.

6. It is a time of socialization of the baby, where parents can interact and play with him. As we will see later, during the Tummy time, the baby always has to be accompanied; In addition, you should try to keep their attention (talking to them, with toys ...) so that they try to keep their heads elevated.

7. It can also prevent the early onset of childhood obesity, since the less physical activity of the newborn increases the total fat mass.

When should I start the Tummy time with my baby? Should I take any action to do it? It is recommended to start the Tummy time as soon as possible, even the first day after delivery, and incorporate it into your daily routine.

The first days he will only be able to support his tummy, but little by little he will gain strength and control over his head, arms, shoulders ... You will notice the progress immediately!

When we do the Tummy time With our baby, he must be receptive, that is, calm but alert, without crying and, of course, always supervised. There are a wide variety of tools and toys that adapt to the baby's age to be able to carry out their Tummy time correctly: from EVA rubber mats for the little ones, to toys that keep their attention for the older ones.

And it is that,Tummy timeit is, in short, the opportunity given to babies to move freely, without restrictions. Do you dare to practice it with your little one? You will have a great time!

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