The importance of physical exercise for children with cancer

The importance of physical exercise for children with cancer

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If your child has just been diagnosed with an oncological disease (Leukemia, Ewing's Sarcoma, Non-Hodking Lymphoma, Osteosarcoma…) it is very possible that the whole family goes into shock. It is a situation in which parents do not understand anything and all they want to do is protect the child by putting him in a bubble.

In this situation, parents are often overwhelmed, trying to understand what the treatment consists of and its phases, so the last thing they ask is whether or not the child can perform physical exercise. In we explain Why Physical Exercise Is Important For Children With Cancer.

Not only can children with cancer exercise, but they should because helps to improve tolerance to treatments and helps alleviate side effects.

The main cancer treatment in children with cancer is chemotherapy, which is sometimes accompanied by radiotherapy and / or a third way, which is surgery.

Chemotherapy involves long periods of hospitalization, producing motor, endocrine and cardiac disorders, osteopenia, obesity and fatigue. In certain children, the treatment involves the administration of radiotherapy, with slightly different effects, but also harmful to health in general, being effects parallel to those produced by chemotherapy. Others have to go through surgery (solid tumors) which leads many children to go through a period of immobilization in bed.

Spending so much time in bed (chemotherapy and / or surgery) carries a devastating side effectThe fact is that for every 10 days in bed there is a 12% reduction in the functional capacity of the child, also increasing the feeling of fatigue.

A scientific review published in November 2012 shows that aerobic exercise during and after treatment can improve fatigue. In addition, regular exercise improves heart and muscle function, and mitigates the adverse effects of medication.

A good physical exercise program for children with cancer not only has physiological benefits, but also produces many psychological improvements, as published by Myers after his study and that summarizes this table:

Observe, stay alert and notify your child's pediatrician if you observe moles that have any of the following characteristics that we tell you in this video:

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