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Children's skin problems

Children's skin problems

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Children are more and more prone to skin problems, mainly because they are more exposed to contact with external agents due to the activities they perform such as outdoor sports, games in the swimming pools both in summer and winter, their assistance to shared changing rooms ...

All these activities are very common among their extracurricular classes and can lead to skin problems such as skin irritations, tightness, redness ... and in other cases to the suffering of contagious diseases caused by viruses such as warts or fungi such as molluscum , which are spread by direct contact with infected cells.

Along with respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, skin diseases occupy a prominent place in the consultations of both Pediatrics and Family Medicine. To avoid its appearance, it is essential to take precautions and preventive measures.

1. Avoid sharing a towel or clothes with siblings or friends when they have a skin problem.

2. Avoid being exposed to the sun in the hottest hours (between 12-17 hours).

3. Instill children to maintain proper hygiene.

4. Apply high-grade sunscreen (factor 30-40) mainly in the summer months.

5. Insist on wearing flip-flops or appropriate footwear in changing rooms and swimming pools (both outdoor and heated) to avoid contagion.

Despite the recommendations, sometimes, inexplicably lesions appear on your skin in the form of irritation, tightness, molluscum, warts ... In these cases, the control of childhood dermatitis is essential. It must be taken into account that its location in different areas of the body and its manifestations depend fundamentally on its causes.

In general, your allies are dirt, humidity and heat. Thanks to these three elements, viruses, fungi and bacteria proliferate in the affected skin areas and, therefore, the most convenient way to alleviate the symptoms of infectious or fungal dermatitis is to keep the skin area clean and dry. .

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