Boy with Asperger explains the ordeal he had to go through at school

Boy with Asperger explains the ordeal he had to go through at school

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Insults, humiliations, lack of respect ... All this is what Rubén, a child with Asperger syndrome, during their school years. And, all, because it was difficult for him to relate to others, he did not understand jokes, jokes, double meanings, or phrases with irony. Such was the situation, that when he reached high school, Rubén even thought about suicide.

Nothing justifies this denigrating behavior of some children towards others and, therefore, today, from we echo his story so that no more Rubén goes through this again and so that the schools and institutions take measures in this regard and support this type of disorder with more research and investment.

Rubén was a beautiful child, what can a mother say about her little one! true? As he grew older, his mother noticed that he ignored him when he called, that he played alone and with the same toys and in his own way! For example, with the car wheel, which for this child was relaxing and fun! His mother did not understand why he did not want to play with others.

The moment of the school stage arrived and, then, began his ordeal and his nightmare. "At first I got along very well because I went unnoticed, but then my hellish time appeared. Being a fairly sincere boy and after having learned at home that rules and regulations have to be respected, I didn't understand why other children don't they complied. And, of course, I told the teacher, which caused me a lot of problems, "says this Asperger syndrome.

It is painful to imagine what had to go through Rubén's head when his companions "played fish with him", a game that consisted of Rubén having to open his mouth and they spit inside him. Or when they tripped him if he reminded them of the rule of not running down the hall, they threw paper balls at him if he answered the teacher's questions, not to mention, or when he won a "dive ticket" (they put him head into the bathroom and flushing if he told the teacher what they had done during his absence). Horrifying!

And the girls? That is another chapter apart! "It was very frustrating because you don't know how to express what you feel or interpret the girl's signals to leave her alone or, also, when she really likes you. It was like being blind!", He explains smiling.

Rubén still remembers the way he "declared" to María, a girl in his class that he liked. "My classmates told me to touch her tits, that they always liked that. Do you have any idea what happened? The girl smacked me and wanted to report me. That was crazy! I just wanted to That she was my girlfriend! I didn't understand anything! ", he comments sadly.

Rubén saw life completely black: no friends, no girlfriend, no job (he had two careers, but was unable to pass a personal job interview). He felt alone and aimless! Only when the psychiatrist diagnosed him Asperger syndrome... Rubén saw the light! "I was referred to the Asperger association in my city (Almería) and I began to understand many things. I saw people with the same faces as me!"

Children with Asperger syndrome they just need us to understand, support and help them to integrate into society. It is true that they find it difficult to relate or that they can be a bit clumsy, but they have a big heart, they are faithful and very sincere. Let's look inside to discover all this!

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