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Benefits of the escape room for children and how to organize one at home

Benefits of the escape room for children and how to organize one at home

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If you are always looking for activities to do with your children at home and that have a benefit for them, join the fashion of practice escape room. We tell you all the benefits of this playful proposal and, best of all, we give you some ideas so that you can build yours in your own home. Boredom is over!

He escape room It consists of solving a riddle to be able to leave a room. It is a game that is very fashionable and that is ideal to enjoy with the family. Beyond the playful part, the escape games They offer great benefits to your children, such as the development of logical thinking or the promotion of creativity. We tell you in detail some of the advantages of this activity and we give you some ideas so that you can organize it in your own home.

- Encourage teamwork
The escape room game helps your children develop their ability to collaborate with others on a project to achieve a common goal. Many minds are better than one. All team members will provide different solutions to unravel each track, generating interactions between them.

- Enhance logical reasoning
The boys will have to solve the enigma through deductive logic. They will have to use known facts to reach logical conclusions that solve each of the individual tests. They will do it through trial and error techniques until they find the solution, which will cause them a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

- Develop creativity and imagination
Creativity is the ability or facility to invent or create. During theescape room the children are going to have to be inventing possible paths that can lead to the truth. For this they will give free rein to their imagination. Creativity increases self-esteem and gives them self-confidence, and even more so if they see that what they are thinking and manifesting has optimal results in the advancement of the investigation of the final mystery.

- Improve interaction with more people
The kids will park the tech for a while. During this time, the children will not be aware of screens, they will leave the mobile and the console and participate in a real game in which the important thing is the interaction with their playmates.

- Promotes the feeling of happiness
This experience will make children live an exciting adventure in which they will immerse themselves, without hardly realizing it, and during which they will secrete dopamine or adrenaline that will make them feel good.

- Helps improve communication
Children will improve their verbal expression and ability to negotiate and dialogue. They will learn to listen to others actively and to structure their own speech.

- Increase your concentration
Children will participate in an activity in which they will have to focus all their attention, eliminating distracting elements. The game will encourage your ability to concentrate. They will learn to put their interest in concrete tasks.

- Boost intelligence
This type of game enhances children's intelligence and improves their learning process by developing their memory and mental agility. He escape room it also improves their temporal and spatial organization, in addition to promoting their cognitive ability.

- Teaches rules and regulations
The escape room participants will be exposed to compliance with established rules with a time control. In this way, children will learn to follow rules and adapt to them. They will have to work under pressure as time is short and they will practice perseverance.

- Develop social skills
Escape games will help children and adolescents to express themselves to others, develop social skills such as empathy and integrate into the group.

To organize a escape room At home, the first thing you have to do is think about what the theme of this will be and, from there, follow our advice:

1. Choose a theme
There are themes that always triumph, such as the stories in which a crime has to be solved and in which the members have to become detectives, the stories in which they must find a valuable piece of archeology, the horror stories in which that you have to escape from something or the stories of ancient civilizations in which symbols or hieroglyphs are introduced to solve.

You can also make up a science fiction story that involves cyborgs or aliens. The war theme also works, in this case you can introduce a bomb that must be deactivated before it explodes, which will be when time runs out.

2. Define the ending
Start at the end of the story. First invent the challenge that has to be solved and go backwards creating the tests to reach that challenge. Knowing the ending, you can create the plot.

3. Assign the role of game master
As you already know the ending, during the game you will be the game master, who is the person who is in charge of guiding the participants, presenting the game and explaining its instructions. Throughout the escape room, the game master can give clues to the participants if he sees that they are blocked.

4. Use the five senses
In a escape room It is interesting to incorporate objects that stimulate the five senses. You can hide things that smell, that have different textures, objects that you have to see, but are hidden ... Provide a flashlight to help find them! You can also play a song that they have to guess. Your imagination is the limit!

5. Find the key scenario
Choose a place in the house where there are drawers, books or corners to hide things and, above all, that has a door so that it is closed. The living room is a perfect place. Decorate it to transport the participants to that place you want: a cave, a castle or an Aztec temple. You can also use multiple rooms. If they can open the living room, they can go to the master bedroom; and if they open it, to the kitchen ...

6. Take care of all the details
There are some things that you will have to use yes or yes, such as boxes to hide objects (if they have a better key), envelopes and sheets to write the clues, post it, stamps ... You can also make newspaper or magazine clippings to build messages .

7. The keys, the keys to the game!
Go to a hardware store and buy some keys, locks, and chains. Everything they have to find must be under lock and key, and the keys will appear with the common thread of the story. Put things in boxes, surround them with chains, and lock them with a padlock.

8. Add clues and mystery
Create a story by structuring it so that one track leads to the other and so on until you find the final key, which will be the one that will open the room.

9. Mark the time
You must show at all times the time they have left to solve the challenge. If time is running out and they haven't left the room, they have lost. But if they arrive on time you will enjoy seeing the emotion on their faces.

You already have all the ingredients to organize a different activity that all members of the family will enjoy!

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