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Children's tricks so that parents do not see their social networks

Children's tricks so that parents do not see their social networks

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To the traditional concerns of adults when we become parents - "Will my child grow up healthy and happy?" "How to get him to study?" "Will you get very sick?" - in recent times we must add one more: the use of technology. More and more, children are attracted to everything that surrounds Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Pinterest, hence they have tricks so that parents do not see their social networks. Luckily for you and, unfortunately for them, in we have detected some of these tricks. We tell you!

Done the law done the snare. Be careful because when you believe that your children's publications are perfectly supervised by you, sometimes they use some tricks so that you do not see everything they publish. We tell you these tricks they use to keep it in mind.

Create another account
Some children are creating another account on social networks with another name that you do not know. While you are following the account they originally created, they are uploading content to another account that you do not have access to. Some parents have discovered this when Instagram has suggested this new follower in "Suggestions for you".

Use the stories
Realize that posting photos to your feed has gone into the background. What matters now are the stories or the stories. But stories are more difficult for parents to control, because they only last 24 hours and, if parents do not enter that day on Instagram, what their children have published are lost. So do not just check the wall, also go through the Stories that are being published, which, although they expire, anyone can save them or take a screenshot of them.

Block accounts
In Settings / Blocked accounts you can see if your son or daughter has blocked you so that you do not see the information they publish.

Hide stories
Inside Settings, kids also have the ability to hide the story and / or choose the people who want to stop showing their posts. This is temporary, that is, stories can be hidden for a day, for example, and then reactivated for those people to see. Check that you don't have this option selected.

The danger of direct
Instagram is increasingly expanding its content and introducing new formats. Keep in mind that children can now broadcast live videos and this is an option that they use a lot, especially to do homework or ask questions with classmates when they are studying. As we imagine that they will not warn you when they do a live, two tips: limit the use of the mobile when they are with school subjects and, second, let them know that when they do, they preserve some details such as that things that identify the place do not appear where they are.

Image folders under password
Children can also download free applications that serve to store photos under username and password. In this way, they pass the photos that they do not want you to see from their reel to these hidden folders, which only they can access.

Friends account employment
Maybe your children control their contents or I may know that you are "spying" on them for a season without posting, but think that they may be appearing in photos and videos of other profiles that you do not control. These are the profiles of friends. Colleagues can publish images that you would not allow your children to publish on their profile, so you should warn them that they must take care of their digital reputation.

Keep these tips in mind to protect your children online. We have to know the tools to be able to inform, protect and warn of the technological risks to which our children are exposed!

And, one last piece of advice, show your children the amount of time they spend connected and all that they can lose by being glued to the screen all day. How? For example, on Instagram, the fashion network among teenagers, there is an option that tells you what average time each person spends using this application on their device. You just have to enter "My activity" and check it with him.

You can also, from this option, configure a usage time limit that schedules a daily reminder so that the application remembers that the usage time you have agreed has been exceeded. A little trick that will help you get everything "under control".

It is clear that, as parents, we cannot prevent them from being on the sidelines of everything related to mobile phones or social networks, but we can educate them to make reasonable use of different devices. That is our true function, because only then will we stop being concerned about what they publish.

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