The shocking story of a woman after giving birth to her baby with whom you will cry

The shocking story of a woman after giving birth to her baby with whom you will cry

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It cannot be denied, giving birth is difficult. And I am not referring to everything that involves going into labor (breaking waters, dilating, contractions ...) but to another aspect less shown, but perhaps more cruel and harsh: the physical and psychological consequences for a woman after childbirth. That is why today I want to tell you the story of Autumn Benjamin, which could be yours or mine, and it is that with just an image published on her Facebook, this young woman has revealed the true reality that many women suffer after giving birth and that she has little to do with the one that celebrities sell us on their Instagram accounts.

My friend Silvia already told me when I called her excited to tell her that in nine months Adriana, her baby, would have someone to play with: "Very nice in the movies, but being pregnant is a roll." And what reason was he! The vomiting and nausea of ​​the first weeks (they lasted for me until almost the fifth month), the doubts about what to eat, the fears about any ultrasound ... Too many things! But even so, I was excited thinking about the day I would have Elena, that was the name I chose for my little girl. We would make a lot of plans together: we would go for walks every day, we would go shopping, I would read her many stories ...

My whole castle of dreams fell apart aftergiving birth. Despite having had "a short hour" (I dilated quickly and in three hours Elena was clinging to my chest), that was not what I expected! I remember getting to the room, lowering the blinds so I can recover a bit from exhaustion and ... I can't! My little girl was crying because she was hungry, and she wasn't the only one! My guts were pounding, but the food the hospital had brought me wasn't very appetizing, I still ate it. This had only just begun!

But today I don't want to tell my story, but that of Autumn Benjamin (above in the photo), a brave woman who has wanted to make public that reality that few pregnant women tell after giving birth, but that it is almost mandatory for every woman who is pregnant see, know and know. It is, what I call,The B-side of motherhood! Thus begins his shocking tale!

"I have debated whether or not to share this photo, but I have decided to move on because I think it shows the consequences of childbirth and the maximum sacrifice that mothers make from day one. This was 2 days after giving birth to Layla" , bill.

And this is how Autumn begins to relate these first hours: "The first thing: Eating that" delicious food "provided by the hospital: a cooked steak and some poor side dishes.learn to breastfeed this little human being who had just brought into the world. Third: wearing these big mesh panties, still sporting a pregnant belly, and nobody told me that my belly would not drop immediately. Nor did anyone tell me that I would be bleeding or that I would constantly shed tears. I remember lying in the hospital bed crying because my baby was finally here ... FINALLY! "

"Now what?" Wondered Autunm, who was consumed by a terrifying feeling inside. "If I was small with me, it meant that she was no longer protected within me." Luckily, at her side was Kevin, her husband, who tried to comfort her while he helped her shower in the hospital bathroom.

The days and weeks that followed at home weren't easy either. "I couldn't walk, I had a hard time going to the bathroom and I had to put on those horrible diapers. I never thought I'd be normal again. My husband had to help me do everything from sitting down to pee to walking up the stairs."

And it is that as Autunm says, "being a mother is the ultimate sacrifice. You give up your body for nine months so that this little baby grows, you put aside shame and modesty while you walk around your house with diapers, you ask your husband Put a little warm water on that wound that you have in your most intimate areas and spend hours without sleeping to put the child to the breast, because you have wanted it that way ... But the most important thing is that mothers renounce who they were before they become mothers. Most moms put many of their hobbies, dreams, and plans on the back burner. Moms put their lives on hold so their babies can live theirs. "

Autunm ends his confession with a warning to all those who have not been through this situation: "Never discredit a mother. You don't know the half. I used to be funny, talkative and outgoing, but now I'm Layla's mother. And I'm fine. with that".

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