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Names of cities, countries and continents for children

Names of cities, countries and continents for children

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name due to the large number of options. Traditional names, family names or original names, the goal is to find a name that fits the baby's personality.

In the names of places you can find that ideal name for your child. They are names of cities, neighborhoods, states, countries or continents that are original and with personality. We have a list with 10 place names for children.

1. Paris
This name of the French capital is carried by both boys and girls around the world. It is a name closely related to love, but also a mythological name that embodies the Trojan prince who started the Trojan War.

2. Milan
Thanks to a famous baby like Shakira and Piqué's first-born, this Italian town name is gaining popularity as a boy's name.

3. Florencio
It is a traditional name and corresponds to the Italian city of Florence. It is impossible to separate the name from artistic evocations, so it has a lot of charisma.

4. Orlando
This is the name of a city in the United States and it is known to us thanks to a famous actor, Orlando Bloom. We like it because it is a name with a personality that stays strong.

5. Brooklyn
One of the best-known neighborhoods in New York is also a beautiful name for children, including one of the children of such a media couple as Victoria and David Beckham.

6. Denver
Once again, a well-known city in the United States serves as inspiration to name children around the world. The name is simple but it has a special force capable of reinforcing the personality of your baby.

7. Sidney
This city is located in Australia, which has become a unisex name, valid for both boys and girls. A name that you like because it is elegant and distinguished.

8. Phoenix
This name of a city in the United States is very popular for us thanks to actors and television characters. It corresponds to the name Phoenix and its charm lies in the charisma that it exudes.

9. Israel
In addition to a country, Israel has been one of the most popular boy names in the world for a long time. It belongs to the biblical names so its historical weight is one of its strong points.

10. Mauritius
This name that we find on some islands is one of those traditional names that never go out of style. A familiar and traditional name that maintains all its strength and freshness.

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