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10 decisions that a pregnant woman must make during pregnancy

10 decisions that a pregnant woman must make during pregnancy

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What name should be given to the baby? What type of delivery is the most convenient? Using an epidural or not? Throughout the pregnancy, parents will have to make many decisions, some are fundamental and the proper development of the pregnancy will depend on it, and others will help facilitate the day-to-day life of the pregnant woman and her well-being.

In We list some of the choices that the pregnant woman will have to make throughout 40 weeks of pregnancy.

1- Choose doctor:
Some health systems do not allow the choice, but in general, the woman will be able to choose the obstetrician that she considers appropriate and the midwife that she thinks is best to help and assist her in her pregnancy.

2 - In which hospital will the baby be born:
Those moms who have private health insurance can choose the clinic.

3 - Take medications:
Most medicines are totally contraindicated during pregnancy, although some doctors recommend certain medicines to improve the health of the pregnant woman: either to treat asthma, a cold or muscle aches. In any case, since no medicine is safe, it will be the mother's final decision whether or not to take it.

4 - Delivery in hospital or at home:
If the pregnancy proceeds normally, the pregnant woman has the option of giving birth at home under the care and care of a midwife or a doula. Giving birth in a hospital is not an obligation if there is no risk in the pregnancy.

5 - Receive epidural anesthesia:
There are women who prefer to live every moment of labor without any anesthesia interfering with the sensations, on the other hand, others prefer to avoid pain. If the birth is natural, you can make your choice.

6 - Perform an amniocentesis:
If the laboratory tests show a high percentage of having a baby with Down syndrome, it will finally be the amniocentesis that determines it with total security. This test involves certain risks, so it will be the final decision of the parents whether they want to do it or not.

7 - Interrupt pregnancy or not:
If the amniocentesis test shows that the baby has a congenital defect or the pregnancy will not come to fruition, in some countries they allow it only under certain circumstances and early in the pregnancy.

8 - Monitor health:
Eating a proper diet, avoiding foods that could harm the developing baby, and daily moderate exercise are very important during pregnancy. However, both controlling diet and maintaining physical activity are final decisions of the mother.

9 - Schedule the delivery:
In some clinics they allow a scheduled delivery so that parents can choose the date on which the baby will be born.

10 - Choose if you will breastfeed the baby or not:
If you cannot or do not want your baby to breastfeed, you will be given a breast milk inhibitor after delivery.

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