Tips for choosing the name of male twins

Tips for choosing the name of male twins

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If it is difficult to choose the name of the baby, when you expect twins the choice becomes even more complicated. The first thing to keep in mind is that your babies are born at the same time, but they will have very different personalities. That is why it is very important to choose both names individually and personally. Follow our advice to choose the name of your twins.

1. Your babies are different, each one will have their own personality, so the choice of name will be personalized.

2. It is not advisable to put names that continue the family tradition so that one of the twins bears the name of the grandfather and the other does not.

3. The names of the twins must be in tuning. It is not advisable to give one baby a traditional name and the other a modern name, for example. Or a long and aristocratic name versus a short and simple one.

4. Two names with the same ending can cause confusion when calling or naming them on the school lists. And it is not a good idea for the twins' names to start with the same letter because they would have the same initials.

5. Once you have almost decided the names of your twins, pronounce them in voice aloud, changing the order of one and the other. If you like how they sound, you have already decided on your baby's names.

We collect some examples of names for twins that we liked for their naturalness and because they respect the individuality of each twin.

- Mario and Claudio. They are two names for boys of Latin origin that come from the same tradition, that of the Roman Empire, but that are totally different and reflect different personalities.

- Alejandro and Sebastián. Both names are of Greek origin and have a similar extension. In addition, they have an elegant touch and are very popular traditional names. The differences between the names are imposed by the twins.

- Alberto and Fernando. These two names for boys have in common their extension and their Germanic origin. They are also very popular names that come backed by a long tradition.

- Bruno and Adrián. These two simple but powerful names share the same Latin origin and their status as modern and current names. They can be perfect for twins because they both sound elegant and distinguished.

- Rubén and David. Both names share the same Hebrew origin and biblical tradition. In addition, they belong to that type of traditional names that know how to reinvent themselves in each generation, so they are still current.

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