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Parents who are complicit in children's video game addiction

Parents who are complicit in children's video game addiction

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Neither PlayStation, nor Nintendo 3DS, nor Nintendo Switch, nor Xbox ... at home we do not have any type of consoles (nor do we plan to get any). I think it was something my husband and I inherited from our parents, who were against this kind of children's leisure. Perhaps that is why I cannot understand the behavior of a mother who feeds her 13-year-old son because his addiction to video games is such that he does not want to get you out of your chair or take off the computer screen.

What would a mother not do for her child! Losing hours of dreams, sacrificing your leisure time, giving up on your little whims ... All this in its fair measure could be justified, but what perhaps it is difficult to understand - I think there is nothing worse than a mother judging another because I think each of them tries to do what they think is best for their child - it's the behavior of a mother with a child "zombie" for his addiction to video games.

This is the unsettling moment when a mother is "forced" to feed her 13-year-old son when he refused to give up the 48-hour marathon game at a local internet café. The most shocking thing is to see how the child does not even move his head or eyes from the screen, nor the hands of the mouse, for eating some breakfast after spending all night in front of the computer playing Battle Royale, his favorite game.

In the video (the truth is that it is not wasted) you can see how this woman walks with the breakfast plate for her teenage son while exclaiming, "My poor boy, eat now!", And tells him if he does not need to go to the bath. But this is not the only thing, the mother even participates in the boy's "game" and asks him who he is playing against. How is it possible to reach this situation of total hitch for video games?

Lilybeth Marvel, 37, says she began to worry about this situation two years ago, when her son Carlitos García began staying up late at an internet cafe in Nueva Écija, Philippines.

The consequences of this addiction to video games in the child There have been several: on the one hand, weight loss (the grandmother is "so worried" about the boy's condition that she has sent him vitamins so that he does not suffer from malnutrition) and, most seriously, dropping out of school, a measure recommended by a therapist to try handle the situation and curb or reduce this addiction.

Was Lilybeth right to bring her son breakfast? She argues that she has tried to do her best to curb this addiction to video games of his son, like forbidding him, but that did not work because the kid always found a way to sneak away and escape to the cybercafé. "Now I'm trying a different approach. I try to make him feel that whatever happens in his life, I am his mother who loves and cares for him."

As parents, we have a responsibility to educate our children. We have to "control" his mood, know his needs, help him with whatever he needs and be vigilant so that he does not develop an addiction such as video games. If, by whatever circumstance, we have not been able to act in time, nothing happens, we can still do a lot to support you! Follow these tips:

- Cut to the chase
Eliminate everything related to this addiction from the house: consoles and video games have to stay out of the kid's reach, thus avoiding any type of temptation.

- Family support
It is also important that no member of the family plays video games in front of the child. And we no longer refer to those of the console or the computer, also those of the mobile.

- Ask for help
If you think the situation is too serious, it is best to go to the pediatrician or family doctor. He will examine the situation and refer you to a specialist.

- Talk to him
Find a space where the two of you are calm. Let him tell you how he is and what he feels. The key to knowing how to act may be in this conversation. Perhaps he is immersed in the world of video games, an unreal universe, because he has a lack in his real life.

- Organize plans
Show him how many plans he's missing by spending his mornings and afternoons glued to a screen. These activities can be with family or with more people, with other friends.

And, most importantly, let him know he can count on you.

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