Child accidents

Frequent childhood accidents on vacation

Frequent childhood accidents on vacation

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Holidays are one of the times of the year that children enjoy the most, especially due to the amount of free time which they can enjoy since colleges and schools are closed.

But during this time, with the presence of the little ones in the home for more hours and the change of usual routine, It also increases the risk for them of suffering more accidents, mainly domestic. How can we prevent them?

The most common childhood incidents on vacation usually take place at home, but also in swimming pools, beaches and during leisure activities typical of this time.

Regarding domestic accidents, the most frequent during the holiday period are burns, broken bones, head trauma and poisonings from cleaning products and medications. Cuts, chokings and bruises are also the most common incidents.

According to him Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), during the holidays childhood accidents increase by up to 25%, which is why organizations like this one have warned parents about the importance of monitoring children more, since 9 out of 10 mishaps can be avoided.

Experts recommend taking special care with dangerous kitchen utensils, such as knives, lighters, stoves or scissors. These tools should be kept out of the reach of children, as well as medicines and cleaning products.

Special attention should be paid to open windows in hot months, to fans and, of course, to plugs and other electrical appliances that may pose a risk to children.

In addition, it is important to be careful when you go to swimming pools and beaches with sunburn and accidents that can occur in the water, from cuts with stones, falls on the edges of the pools or animal bites poisonous, such as jellyfish or pout.

Parents should remember that it is just as important to try to prevent accidents by taking steps such as teach your children to avoid them for themselves.

Sources:Mexican Social Security Institute

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