The power of hypnopartum to enjoy labor and connect with the baby

The power of hypnopartum to enjoy labor and connect with the baby

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He pregnancy is the first great challenge in this adventure of motherhood in which you have embarked. A new stage begins in which, most likely, fears, doubts, uncertainties appear. "I will be able?" "Am I going to do well?" "Am I going to be a 'good' mother?" "And if I don't do it right, will something happen to my future baby?" And the mind goes crazy with irrational thoughts. All these fears are lodged in the subconscious, the one that appears just when you least expect it without warning;). What would you think if I told you that with pregnancy you can get rid of all of them? This is possible thanks to hypnopartum, an opportunity to enjoy that moment and connect with the baby.

I like to explain that we are like an iceberg and the part of what you see is only 1%. Beneath what you see on the surface, hidden in the depths, is 99% of the information that drives your life. And there, hidden, is where all those fears, limitations, concerns, anxieties are kept ... The 1% that comes to the surface is something that gives you the opportunity to see what it is that you had hidden inside you. And just the pregnancy It is one of those moments where everything in your subconscious comes to the surface.

I am an expert in the body and one of my purposes is to bring more awareness in all areas of your life and, especially, to the motherhood and birth. As Laura Gutman defends, "motherhood gives us the opportunity to explore our shadows." From this perspective, we can change the future, giving mothers tools to empower them, making them capable of creating from happiness, something that also it will favor your baby.

Today I'm going to talk to you about hypnopartum, one of the tools with which you can face all that which directs or manages your life unconsciously and comes to the surface at the least opportune moment. But keep in mind, there is no magic bullet. The good news is that, through hypnopartum, you empower yourself and acquire skills so that you can begin to take charge of your life. And not only with pregnancy and childbirth, you can apply them to all areas of your life.

You can't plan how will your delivery beYes, you can be much more present in every moment with your baby and enjoy the experience whatever it may be.

Did you like it when your parents weren't present in your life? What if you can start giving your baby and yourself the experience of being present in one of the most intimate and unforgettable moments of your life? Do you know that it can even be an orgasmic experience?

In a hypnobirthing session It works specifically on all your fears or concerns so that you can be present and not evade at this very important moment for you. If you are calm, you will generate oxytocin, which is the hormone of happiness and love, and which, in addition, allows you to dilate easily. You will also easily generate serotonin, which will give you tranquility and peace, endorphins and all the hormones that are generated when you make love ... With all these hormones well regulated, childbirth and parenting are easier and more enjoyable.

What if now is the best time to face all that you've been putting off? What if you have a new chance to start and to be born again with your baby? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had been hugged as a child, if they had been present and in contact with you? What if they just thanked you for being who you were, even if you became the biggest thing in the world?

I want you to ask yourself this question: If you could be born again, how would you like to be treated? How about you can offer that opportunity to your baby and reconcile with you? A baby is going to be born and you are going to be born as a mother.What can you do?

- Take a deep breath, connect with your heart.

- Put one hand on your heart and one on your uterus.

- Let go of all worries, tensions, fears.

- Tune in to your heartbeat and your breathing.

- Thank your body for the great work it is doing and thank you for taking this little time to be with you and your baby.

And above all, start to trust the wisdom of your body and your own wisdom. Create this new relationship and connection with your body which is as simple as breathing. How do you feel? Different? Easy and effective! Keep putting it into practice and spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something enjoyable, yes! that which makes a smile come out of your mouth. That which makes you more alive. That which you love. Welcome back to this world!

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