9 inescapable Aladdin phrases to educate children in values

9 inescapable Aladdin phrases to educate children in values

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"I want to show you a fantastic place, come princess, let your heart dream ... An ideal world ..." Who does not remember with affection what is probably the most famous song of the movie Aladdin? Undoubtedly, you have seen this film more than once in your childhood, and now that you are a mother, you have enjoyed it again with your children. And it is an endearing and very funny movie. Today we want to share with you the best phrases of Aladdin that will also help you Educate children in values. All of them are perfect for reading aloud to the little ones in the house.

Shall we make a brief summary of this film that so much pleases young and old? Aladdin is a young man who lives on the streets of a big city with his inseparable friend monkey abu. On the other hand is the princess jasmine, who lives somewhat boring in the palace that dominates the city. Tired of not being able to leave the palace, one day she decides to escape to take a walk through the busy streets of the city. She disguises herself so as not to be discovered and goes for a walk to the market, where, how could it be otherwise, she meets the funny Aladdin. It is there just when the friendship and love between these two young men begins.

However, the evil Jafar (who turns out to be the sultan's advisor), is not going to make it so easy and captures Aladdin. Meanwhile Jafar is dedicated to hatching his evil plan to rule the earth with the help of a somewhat mysterious lamp. Do you remember what the legend said about this lamp? "The legend says that only a person who is a rough diamond can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders." A description that fits perfectly with Aladdin's noble heart.

So far we count, you already know the end of this film full of love and friendship in which the good guys win over the bad guys and in which the love of the young protagonists prevails in the face of all adversities. Aladdin is also a film full of ideal values ​​to transmit to your children, let's see it with these phrases!

1. "If I were as rich as you, I would have better manners"
A phrase said by the intrepid Aladdin. What could we learn from it? First of all, the value of education and good manners, second that kindness is something that costs nothing and gives a lot in return. Words like "thank you" or "please" must be present in our vocabulary. And third, that you have to value what you have. In the movie, the rich man is believed to be able to speak to others in any way. And that is not like that!

2. "Genie, what do you want the most?"
A simple question that Aladdin asks his dear friend the genius. Ask your child the same question and teach him the value of putting in the effort to achieve it. Making dreams come true is possible!

3. "I must stop pretending to be something that I am not"
Another phrase from the movie Aladdin that educates the smallest of the family in values. Each one must know what makes him special and that he is very good at but also has to bear in mind his limitations and, of course, love himself as he is. Values ​​that serve for the little ones and for the not so little ones, right?

4. "As they say in my hive: Lying is not good!"
Of course not, lying does not bring anything good, on the contrary, it only brings harm to the people next to you. Sincerity, that is the great value that we can deduce from this brilliant phrase from Aladdin.

5 "Everything seems magical"
Words that Princess Jasmine says when she leaves her palace and sees the charm that life has on the streets of the city. If you try to see everything from the positive side, things will be simpler and more beautiful.

6 "The idea has merit"
Believe it or not, this phrase is said by Jafar, the bad guy in the movie. What value can we deduce from it? Well, ideas are very important. Encourage your child to say how many ideas cross his mind, always in a civilized way, and to put into practice those that you like the most together.

7 "The exits are here, here, here ... everywhere."
One door closes and another opens, that is, although there are times when we see everything dark, there is always an indicated exit that can help us. Great value for counting boys and girls of all ages.

8 "And remember, you just have to be yourself."
It seems easy but deep down it is not. Being yourself is sometimes complicated by today's society, the sooner children learn this value, the easier it will be to put it into practice. Have personality, love yourself and value yourself above all else and not be influenced by others; you will agree with me in that you also want that for your children.

9 "Things are not always what they seem."
What sense can we give to this phrase? Perhaps the saying that says that appearances can be deceiving, or that you should not get carried away just by a first impression, or perhaps Aladdin wants to tell us with these words that prejudices are worthless. Make up your own mind, dear readers, but don't stop letting your children see it.

And you? What phrases to learn values ​​would you add to the list?

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