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How to clean the ears of your baby

How to clean the ears of your baby

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Have you ever tried cleaning your baby's ears with a cotton swab? Well if you have, you should not repeat it. It is not necessary to clean the baby's ears. The wax that forms in the child's ear cavity has the function of protecting the external canal against foreign elements such as dust, humidity and bacteria, and therefore cannot be removed. The only thing that can be cleaned is the outer part of the ears, carefully, and during the bath.

The ears of babies, especially newborns, are very delicate. They may produce some cerumen (wax), a sticky yellowish substance, but that does not mean that the ear is dirty. The only thing you can clean is the outside of the ears, nothing more. Even so, you should do it very carefully, preferably during the bath, using a washcloth, moistened cloth or swabs, always with outward movements.

In no case, use sticks, hairpins, pencil tips or any other elongated object. Never try to remove the wax from the baby's ear by inserting any object, not even cotton swabs.

Trying to remove the wax from your baby's ear may have the opposite effect. Instead of removing the wax, you may end up pushing it into your ear, causing a plug of wax. Apart from that, if you introduce an elongated object, you will take the risk that it could damage the eardrum, with a simple unexpected movement of the baby. In the routine medical check-up, the pediatrician will also check the condition of the baby's ears.

The mother or father, at the time of the baby's bath, can also observe some details. If you notice that the consistency of the wax is fine and yellowish, as it should be, there is no problem. But if they notice that the substance changes and its color and texture vary, they should go to the pediatrician, without trying to remove it. Only he can tell if there is a problem, or diagnose a possible infantile otitis.

You should also take the baby to the pediatrician if you notice that the little one complains of pain or itching, or if you hear a ringing or buzzing from his ear. Apart from that, there are babies who, due to a cold, flu or other infection, have a strange discharge in the ear, and that is also reason enough to take it to the doctor.

Bathing is the best time to clean your baby's ears. But it is also the time that we should be most careful with our little one's ears.

1. Be careful not to get water in the baby's ears, especially when washing the head.

2. To wash the head, it is best to move the baby's head to prevent water from entering the ear.

3. If you notice that some water has remained in the pinna, that is, at the entrance of the ear, dry it carefully with a cotton towel.

4. If the cotton buds are used, it is best to hold the baby's head on its side, pass the cotton swab into the ear holes, always from the inside out.

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