Family conciliation

The challenge of being a woman, a mother and a worker

The challenge of being a woman, a mother and a worker

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Being a mother is not a title that is acquired by studying at the university, it is a recognition that is achieved with the energy of loving, guiding, caring for, accompanying and protecting children with devotion. For this reason, I believe that all women feel fulfilled when children come into our lives, although many times we are 'caught' in the middle of a professional job.

A few years ago, without really knowing how or in what way, I began an adventure that consisted of transform the me, for the us. The beginning was sweet and bitter at the same time, because the experience of docking was joined by the illusion of starting out and manning the ship.

Then with the pregnancy and the birth of my son, I was faced with the close models that most affected my life throughout my development. During this stage, I lived with ideas that did not belong to me and with others with which I did not agree, while many times I traveled a path of anguish and concern.

I was trying to articulate my new role as mother, which I had to access from my experience as a woman. Although, these roles, in principle, should not be antagonistic or complementary, due to the cultural heritage and the family processes experienced, it is not as easy as it is supposed.

Currently, there are other centers of interest beyond motherhood such as work and career development, studies or hobbies, and we women are beginning to notice that, while the desired motherhood can make us happy, this is not always the case or the same for all.

For this reason, these roles conflict and we are currently witnessing a change in the model of mother and woman, which has the added challenge of find our own way of 'being a mother and being a woman' In these modern times, we have had to live.

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