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Being a mother is equivalent to having two and a half jobs, according to a study

Being a mother is equivalent to having two and a half jobs, according to a study

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Mother's work is the most complete. The most strenuous. And the worst paid. But if we could quantify the number of hours spent at home and away from home ... you would not be astonished! Do you know how many hours a week a mother works? 98! More than twice the average of a working day. Yes, how you hear it. According to a recent study, being a mother is equivalent to having two and a half jobs. Almost nothing.

Gone is that saying 'being a mother is having a full time job'. No, no ... be a mother is having two full-time jobs! Furthermore ... a little more than two jobs. These are the conclusions of a recent study by the health and nutrition company Welch's (United States).

After analyzing the situation of more than 2,000 American mothers, with children between 5 and 12 years of age, and work inside and outside the home, they discovered that In reality, a mother works an average of 98-100 hours a week. Taking into account that in most jobs the working day is 39 hours a week ... do the math. The result is that mothers work more than two full days a week. Only one of them is not financially remunerated.

In addition, the surveyed mothers agreed to lament the little time they had for themselves, just over an hour a day. More than 40% felt 'suffocated' by the amount of tasks endless they had at home. They finished their work outside the home and began the next work at home. Without truce.

The study also confirmed the great organizational skills of mothers, since most were in charge, despite also working outside the home, of preparing and controlling the children's weekly menu, cleaning, keeping household accounts and everything related to the children's school education.

However ... my accounts fall short. According to this study, a mother's workday begins at approximately 6:23 am and ends at 8:30 pm ... But, what mother ends at 8:30 pm? If as soon as the children fall asleep it is just when the mothers begin to collect, clean, prepare the school clothes for the next day ... even iron! Let's see if the accounts come out for you ...

The working day would begin at 6 a.m. and end at 12:30 a.m. That is, about 18 and a half hours a day ... And that without resting on the weekend, that you dedicate full time to the home and the children. With this hypothesis, we would add a whopping almost 130 hours a week. More than three working days. Yes now. It is closer to reality.

Endless work that of a mom who works inside and outside the home. But paid, yes, even if not with money. Well paid, yes, even if it doesn't add any more zeros to the checking account. Rewarded, yes. A few hugs and kisses from the children are enough, and the debts are already paid. Or not?

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