24 beautiful phrases for newborns and babies that will make you cry with emotion

24 beautiful phrases for newborns and babies that will make you cry with emotion

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The moment in which a baby arrives in the world is the most important in the life of a father and a mother, and here it does not matter whether it is the first, the third or the fifth, it is something so special and unique that it is difficult to verbalize! ! With the birth of a child, our priorities change and we begin to feel unconditional love that we have not yet experienced. That is why we have selected some emotional messages to celebrate this moment, for you to reflect on motherhood and fatherhood and / or to dedicate them to the love of your life. These are the 24 most beautiful phrases for newborns and babies!

Anonymous phrases, of literati, of thinkers, lullabies, poems or reflections, but all of them with powerful messages will make you awaken a feeling of tenderness and with which we are sure that you will only want to hug your baby.

Messages that you can dedicate to your newborn, but you can also use these phrases and dedications to give to the newborn babies of your friends or loved ones. These texts can be attached to a gift, or you can frame and print them above the newborn's photo to hang them later in their room or put them as a wallpaper on your mobile.

1. When a newborn child first squeezes his father's finger, he has it trapped forever.

Curiously, this phrase has been attributed to the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, but in reality it is from the comedian Johnny Welch. It means that we will always act as parents and we will worry about our children from the moment they are born.

2. Having a baby means assuming the greatest responsibility and the most absolute joy that nature gives us.

It is said that being parents changes our lives and that is how it is, this commitment indicates that we will always have someone to take care of. But in return, life gives us the greatest satisfaction we have ever felt.

3. The moment of birth is the most beautiful thing in life. Pain and joy come together for a moment.

This phrase from Madline Tiger shows the contradiction of emotions and feelings found in childbirth.

4. In every child humanity is born

This is a true fact. Humanity depends on the birth of human beings. This phrase is from the writer Jacinto Benavente.

5. Having a baby is like falling in love all over again.

The feeling is very similar to that of a couple's love. We are thinking about our baby all day, we miss him when we move away from him and we feel a deep love for him.

6. A baby is something that you carry within you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until you die.

It is so. Babies grow and change, but our love for them is unconditional.

7. There are two gifts that we must give our children, one is the roots, the other is the wings.

We give them our roots when we talk to them about the values ​​of the family, their ancestors, traditions, the stability that belonging to the family gives them, and we give them wings when we leave them some freedom to undertake their path of life. individually.

8. Making the decision to have a baby is deciding to have your heart go out of your body forever.

This is a quote from Elizabeth Stone, educator and president of the American Library Association.

9. Babies cry at birth because it is the first time they experience separation from love.

This phrase by the writer Kamand Kojouri is very graphic and although we know that babies do not cry for that reason, it is a good reflection.

10. Giving birth is the most important creative experience in a woman's life.

This phrase by John Stevenson sentences a reality, the woman lives the greatest act of creativity at birth.

11. A child is the only being you love more than yourself.

And every father and every mother experiences it.

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12. A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, home happier, clothes dirtier, forget the past and create a future worth living for.

Babies take away hours of sleep, but they give us the best moments and give meaning to our lives.

13. A son is the heart of a mother in another body.

And so it is. Mothers and children have their hearts linked.

14. Sleep my child, sleep my sun, sleep piece of my heart.

This is a traditional lullaby that has been passed down from generation to generation.

15. A baby is the greatest gift that one generation can give to another.

Without babies, life on the planet would be extinguished.

16. We made a wish and it came true.

This is a nice phrase to give to the newborn.

17. Each birth represents the beginning of everything. It is the miracle of the present and the hope of the future.

Birth is the beginning and also the hope.

18. How can something so small make you feel bigger?

Someone who weighs less than four kilos makes us feel the greatest happiness of our existence.

19. I have never had my hands so busy and my heart more full of love.

Since we have our baby with us, we will realize that we always have our hands full, with him in our arms, feeding him, sleeping him ... but we will also discover that our hearts will also be busy.

20. Please give me the freedom to make my own decisions. Allow me to make mistakes, so that I can learn from my mistakes. So one day I will be preparing to make the decisions that life requires of me.

This is an appeal from any baby to his parents to let him learn from life.

21. Ea, ea, ea, my child is sorry. No, no, no, he doesn't want to sleep. Yes, yes, yes, your eyelids are already closing. Ea, ea, ea, my child loves me.

Another traditional lullaby that you can sing to your little one to put him to sleep.

22. Babies are born with eyes ready to see all that is precious, embrace all that is joyful, and want unconditionally with all their hearts.

The love of a baby is also unconditional, like ours towards him.

23. No love is greater than that of a father for his child.

This phrase from the writer Dan Brown tells a great truth.

24. I cannot prevent you from stumbling, I can only offer you my hand so that you hold on and do not fall.

This is a beautiful dedication to finish this collection of phrases, since we will always be there to lift our children when they fall.

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