12 matching combinations of names for twins boys and girls

12 matching combinations of names for twins boys and girls

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If it is already difficult to choose the name of your baby, things seem even more difficult when you get the good news that you are pregnant with twins. And, if you stop to think about it, it would be great to choose beautiful names, with personality, that fit well with the surnames and that also match the name of your twin brother. To help you make the decision in our site we have prepared a list with names for twins whether they are boy-boy, girl-boy, or girl-girl. You will see how excited you are when you read aloud the names you have chosen for your twins!

Let's first of all see a series of tips that will help you be more clear about how to choose the name for the twin babies you are expecting.

- Even if they are born at the same time, each baby will have his or her character and personality, so the name must be chosen separately. While it is true that you can choose two names that sound good when you say them at the same time, which you will do a lot of times at the end of the day, you have to think about them especially for each baby.

- If in your family the grandfather is called, for example, Marcos, and the father also, perhaps they will advise you to continue with this tradition and call one of your children in the same way. If you are 100% convinced, go ahead, otherwise choose another name. The issue here is that one twin will bear the family name and the other will not. Surely you have perfectly understood what we want to tell you with this.

- The names you give your twins they should look good with the last name, so I called out several names with the last name included to see what it would look like. Do you like how it sounds?

- Choosing the names for your babies has to be a thoughtful and consensual decision between parents, so the sooner you get to it, without stress of course, the easier it will be to find the right one.

- Classic or modern names? Short or maybe compound? These are other questions to consider when choosing the name of the twins. For the second question, if the last name is very long, better a short name. As for the first, you decide! It is a matter of the tastes of each one.

- Can I choose two names for my twins that start with the same letter? Yes if they are very different. If that is not the case, better that each start with a letter to avoid confusion at school.

Time to see the names for twins, read them a first time in a low voice and a second time out loud and also say them with the surnames. Those names that fill your heart the most with love will be chosen. In no time you will be saying those names so many times that you will believe that they have always been part of your life. How exciting!

Names for boy-girl twins, how beautiful!

If you have a boy and a girl? How are you going to put them? Here are some ideas of names that match each other.

  1. Manuel and Virginia
    Manuel is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God accompanies us." Virginia is of Latin origin and promulgates the purity of the Virgin, its meaning is "Virgin, maiden or virginal". They are both classic and very pretty names, don't you think?
  2. Eduardo and Sofia
    Eduardo means "the guardian of wealth" and has a Germanic origin. Sofia's name is of Greek origin and means "wisdom, endowed with good judgment."
  3. Gabriel and Emma
    Gabriel is of Hebrew origin and means "strength of God". Emma has Germanic origin and means "the one who is strong", both ideal for transmitting that energy and vitality to your little ones.
  4. Aaron and Sandra
    Aaron is of Hebrew origin and means "thoughtful and calm." Sandra's name is a variant of Alessandra or Alejandra and means "The protector." Let me tell you that the latter is the name I have chosen for my daughter, do you like it?

Name ideas for boy-boy twins

Do you already know if you are going to have boys or girls? This data will be the necessary push to finish making the decision of how to call your children. Below you will see some names if your combination is boy-boy.

  1. Bruno and Adrián
    Simple, modern names, full of personality and that also sound great if you read them side by side. Both names share the same Latin origin; Bruno also comes from the Germanic brünne and means "breastplate, breastplate." Adrián means "the one who comes from the sea" or "the one who has the sea nearby." How beautiful!
  2. Rubén and Mario
    Rubén has Hebrew origin and means "look, a son!" Mario is of Latin origin from the tradition of the Roman Empire and is a variant of the feminine name Maria, which means "the one who is loved by God" or "the chosen one", a name, therefore, that has a religious tradition.
  3. Alejandro and David
    Alejandro is of Greek origin, he is very fashionable, in fact, he never goes out of style, and can be used with the abbreviation Alex. Its meaning is "the one who protects man." David is of Hebrew origin and means "the dear and beloved" or "God's chosen one." What are the two of them very pretty and does it look great together?
  4. Hugo and Pablo
    Hugo is a name of German origin that means "intelligent" or "lucid". Pablo is a masculine name of Latin origin that means "little or humble man." Have you seen how good they sound if you read them side by side?

Choose between these names if you have two girls

As for the twins who are two girls, here you will find some very successful combinations.

  1. Judith and Carmen
    Judith is of Hebrew origin and means "the praised one." Carmen is also of Hebrew origin and means "the garden of God." Both are female names that have a long tradition in many countries.
  2. Olivia and Deva
    The first is of Latin origin and means "the one who protects peace." The second is an ancient name whose origin is related to the Indo-European languages. It means "divine or goddess." Both are names that are heard a lot these days.
  3. Chloe and Valeria
    The first has its origin in Greek mythology and means "green grass". As for the second, it comes from the Latin term "valere" and comes to mean "the one who is courageous and healthy." Surely you know more than one girl who is called that, they are names that they like a lot.
  4. Carolina and Natalia
    The first name has its origin in the Germanic term Karl, its meaning is "strong woman". The second comes from the Latin "natalis dies" and means "the day of the birth of Christ." They combine perfectly with each other and usually look good with any common surname.

What did you think of the list that we have prepared to help you choose the names for your twins? Read it as many times as you want, surely you will find the ones you like the most.

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