First Communion

Games for the First Communion of children

Games for the First Communion of children

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There is a very special occasion that many children look forward to: the day of First Communion. An event in which they are the protagonists, and that they share with friends and family.

In addition to the religious celebration, the choice of costume and the organization of the food, we must take into account the games to entertain the children during the party. In GuiaInfantil We leave you some ideas so that your party First Communion be a success.

Have fun with the children on this special occasion with the ideas of traditional and original games that we propose.

The best games for children's First Communion day

Play hide. Play hide and seek with the children. Hide and seek is a universal game that children of all generations and all over the world have spent unforgettable moments with. Also known as hiding, hiding, hiding or hiding.

Hopscotch game. The game of Hopscotch, also known as truque, wrestling, square, Chilean or kite, is a very fun activity that boys and girls play.

The blind chicken. Blind chicken, a traditional game for children's free time. The most popular children's hobbies. Traditional games to teach children. How to play blind man's buff.

Sack-race. The sack race, a traditional game that children have played for years. It is a very simple game in which only a bag or sack is required and a lot of skill and balance from the children.

Jump rope. Jumping rope is, in addition to playing, a complete and fun physical exercise for children. It is a great method to burn calories and to have a good physical background.

Moving games. Nothing better than starting a birthday party with a fun moving game that requires exercising, moving arms and legs, to relax children who tend to be somewhat nervous when meeting their friends. Enjoy with the funniest ideas for outdoor birthdays.

Mystery games. Jot down these mystery game ideas for her birthday party. Searching for hidden objects and gifts, tracking clues and surprises build children's motivation at birthday parties, while allowing them to unleash their imaginations in a playful and fun environment.

Games with the ball. Ball games for children. Activities for boys and girls. The game with the ball and the emotional, social and intellectual development of the child. our site will tell you how to stimulate children through games with the ball.

Games for the house. our site recommends some ideas to play at home with children, on rainy days or that prevents the family from going outside. They are games that stimulate the imagination and creativity of the smallest of the house.

The game of chairs. How to play the game of chairs. A traditional pastime for celebrations and children's parties. Activities to do with children. Musical games. Classic hobbies. How to play the game of chairs.

The rubber game. We recover traditional games for modern children. Outdoor games for children. The rubber game for children. Gum game modalities and songs.

Although the First Communion be it a religious holiday, it should not be forgotten that it is for children. And children's party you have to have games. Why? Well, because games not only amuse them and give free rein to their fantasy and imagination, but also teach them important values ​​that have a lot to do with this type of celebration. Here, we suggest some:

1. Handkerchief game. The children will have fun and run together to get the handkerchief. This game fosters the bonds of friendship between children.

2. Play tag. It is a group game with which children can practice respecting the rules of the game.

3. Play treasure hunt. It is a game that encourages cooperativism in children. They must work as a team to find the treasure.

4. Playing symbolism, being a mother, father, doctor, firefighter, teacher ... are games that put into practice the value of trust in oneself and in others.

5. Make crafts. They work together and that encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills among children.

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