First Communion

The First Communion of boys and girls

The First Communion of boys and girls

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TheFirst Communion It is one of the most anticipated religious celebrations for Catholic girls and boys between 8 and 10 years of age. To receive First Communion it is necessary that they have received baptism and that they have attended a catechetical course that can last two or three years, depending on where the boy or girl lives.

In many countries, as is the case in Spain, it is in the middle of spring when boys and girls celebrate their First Communion. If your son or daughter is going to make their First Communion this year, this information will be very useful. Here you will find everything you need about the First Communion of boys and girls.

Children live that day as a party full of love and happiness, for that reason we help you with ideas to celebrate First Communion with them and with the whole family.

It is very important that you prepare with your children the celebration of First Communion, since this day is one of the most anticipated by children and they live it with great enthusiasm and joy.

Here are dozens of ideas to prepare your child's First Communion. From choosing the communion dress, to the hairstyle, the gifts, the place of the banquet or the cake.

For children and their families, as well as for the Church, First Communion is a reason for celebration to be celebrated with the families and friends of the children. In Spain, May is the month chosen by the Church for the celebration of First Communion.

One of the questions that gives parents the most problems is choosing a suitable communion dress or suit. You can get ideas from our gallery of the most beautiful and popular dresses.

Ideas to prepare children's First Communion

Organization of the First Communion. What does the First Communion of children mean to parents? Between the dress or suit, the banquet, the reminders, the gifts and other details, a First Communion is a great expense for the family.

Communion suit styles for boys. What kinds of outfits can children wear to their First Communion? our site gives us the guidelines to know how to choose this special style.

First Communion cakes. Recipes for homemade cakes and cakes to celebrate children's First Communion. Easy dessert and candy ideas to congratulate children on their First Communion day.

Communion accessories for girls. What accessories can children wear on the day of their First Communion? our site gives us the keys to know how to dress our children on this special day.

First Communion dresses for girls. We invite you to look for a communion dress model for your daughter among dozens of photos of girls dressed for their first communion. Surely among all these models of First Communion dresses, you will find the one you are looking for.

Princes and princesses for a day. Once again, in spring, parents will spend a fortune to celebrate the First Communion of our children. A very special day for many boys and girls who decide to make their First Communion.

First Communion Dresses. First Communion is a very important day for many children and their parents. It is the most important religious special day of the year. Our site has selected some Communion dresses to make it easier for you and your daughter to choose the dress of your dreams.

First Communion Hairstyles. The hairstyles of girls who make the First Communion is another of the great concerns of parents. How to comb the girl who is going to fulfill this sacrament? our site has selected some ideas to help you choose.

First Communion Reminders. In the Children's First Communion, you cannot miss those beautiful memories that children give to their friends and family. our site offers you some reminders, in the form of bookmarks, for children to color or paint as they want.

First Communion Gifts. Gifts for boys and girls of First Communion. The best gifts for children in the First Communion. How to choose a First Communion gift for boys or girls.

Games for the First Communion of children. Selection of children's games for the children's First Communion party. The best games for children on the day of their First Communion. Original and traditional games to share with the children in the First Communion.

Communion suits for children. Photos of First Communion suits for boys. our site helps you choose a First Communion suit model for your child.

Gifts for the First Communion. We are in May, and you have been invited to a First Communion, and you do not know what to give the boy or the girl. Uff ... what a dilemma. I believe that the important thing at this time is not what is going to be given, but the memory, that is, something that lasts in time and in the memory of children as the memory of this day.

Communion princess dresses. To know how to wear a princess-style communion dress, our site gives us the guidelines to know how to dress our daughters in their First Communion.

Ideas to prepare the First Communion. We give you a series of ideas to prepare the First Communion for children: from how to make beautiful Communion headbands in a simple way, to what to give to the guests as a reminder. Learn how to make cross-shaped cookies too. Without a doubt, here you will find everything you need to prepare your child's First Communion with care.

Homemade communion crafts. It is a tradition to give the guests to the children's First Communion some detail. On our site we suggest that you make these gifts yourself or even with the help of the children.

How to make a homemade headband for First Communion. Headbands are a perfect complement to a party dress or a First Communion dress. On our site we are going to teach you how to make a headband with satin flowers easily and very quickly, step by step. Your daughter can wear a homemade headband.

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