Play The Emperor's New Suit for children

Play The Emperor's New Suit for children

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The tale of 'The Emperor's New Clothes', written by Hans Christian Andersen, is very popular with children. In many schools it is used for the amount of values ​​and teachings it transmits. In addition, it is an ideal story to represent, in the form of a theater, since it can have a total of six characters.

We offer you the roles of the characters in this fabulous story, which teaches children the importance of being sincere and not lying just for trying to flatter or being afraid to tell the truth. Print the script for this play 'The Emperor's New Suit', written for 6 characters (or some more), so that your child can represent it at school with his classmates or friends.

Work description: A rich emperor wants to make a new suit and goes in search of fine and luxurious fabrics. Don't imagine that you will be fooled in the most ridiculous way.

Characters:Emperor, Guards, Vendor, Tailor, Commoners, Child. (There can be several guards and commoners. That is why the play can be represented by more than 8 children)


The emperor walks through the town market with his two guards (there may be more). He wears a long silk robe. Suddenly, he stops at one of the fabric stalls in the market.

Emperor: Um ... none of these fabrics convince me to make my new suit. What do you guys think, guards?

(The guards look at each other, confused).

Guard 1: Well Majesty, we don't know much about fashion.

Guard 2: That's it, Your Majesty. We don't know about fashion.

Emperor: Bah, I don't know why I bother asking!

At that moment, a salesman approaches the king. He pretends to hold a cloth in his hands (although he is not really wearing anything)

Seller: Your Majesty, are you looking for some exceptional fabric? Let me show you this fabulous fabric.

Emperor: But there is nothing there!

Seller: The truth is that it is such a fine cloth that only the most intelligent people can see it.

Emperor (embarrassed): Ah! , sure, sure ... now I see it! I don't know how I didn't see before. It is certainly a very fine fabric, how wonderful! And what beautiful colors! Definitely: I'm taking it!

The emperor gives the vendor a bag of coins and the vendor walks away, grinning wickedly, while the emperor pretends to take the cloth in his hands.


The royal tailor is in his workshop, sewing trousers, when suddenly the emperor enters, holding the imaginary cloth in his hands.

Emperor: Mr. tailor! I bring you a new order: I have brought an exceptional fabric to make me a new costume with which I will parade around the kingdom. Everyone will admire me!

Tailor: But Majesty ... but if there is nothing there ...

Emperor: I already imagined that you would not be able to see anything, since it is a fabric that only the most intelligent are capable of seeing. You can hurry up to make the new suit now or I'll send you to prison.

The emperor puts the imaginary fabric on a chair and the tailor, surprised and nervous, pretends to grab it to get to work.

Tailor: The emperor must have lost his mind! But you better go along with it ...


Several commoners stroll through the streets of the kingdom. Some, doing their work, when suddenly the emperor's guards announce their arrival.

Guard 1: Clear the way! His Majesty the Emperor is coming.

Guard 2: Take a bow, for he is wearing his new suit. Let no one dare to say a single word!

People clear the street and on one side of the stage, the Emperor appears very proud, wearing only his scepter, his cape, his crown and in his underpants. His commoners look confused. Many try to hold back laughter.

Emperor: Admire my new suit! Isn't that the most wonderful thing you've ever seen? Only the eyes of those who are truly intelligent will be able to see the texture and colors of this rare silk!

People then begin to murmur. They fear looking fools, so they prefer to agree and agree with the Emperor. But suddenly, a child lets out a laugh.

Boy: Ha ha haa! But he's not wearing a suit! You have been scammed in the market!

The emperor, then, understands the truth, blushes and runs off the scene realizing his mistake, closely followed by his guards.

Moral: Don't believe everything they tell you. Learn to distrust and detect lies, even if they seem real and are supported by the majority.

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