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How should a pregnant woman feed herself

How should a pregnant woman feed herself

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Surely you have ever heard of: 'in pregnancy you have to eat for two'. If we take into account the size and characteristics of the two protagonists in pregnancy, this is true, but in reality it is not, if we double our food intake. Should an adult woman eat the same calories as a tiny embryo? Obviously not.

During pregnancy, everything that enters the mouth is important, what the mother consumes feeds her and her baby and we must find a balance between how much to eat and what to eat.

Many women eat poorly, resorting to the poorly nutritious calories of easy-to-eat foods that lessen their burning or morning anxiety. In the first months, they go to an unstoppable pecking to combat the canine hunger that awakens us and many times they lose track of the calories ingested.

Others, on the contrary, are obsessed with not gaining too much weight during your pregnancyIn this way, they will be able to have a wonderful figure shortly after giving birth, in the image of current models; To do this, they reduce food and throw away their own reserves and, with this, they can put the development of your baby at risk.

It is extremely important that we take care of our diet when we are pregnant, since it is decisive for the good development of the fetus that the mother eats well in quality and quantity.

A poor diet can cause us to be overweight or lack the accumulation of fats that are so important in pregnancy and lactation, and for the growth of our baby. We should not be afraid of gaining weight, our midwife or gynecologist will tell us what the rate of weight gain is in each particular case.

On average, a pregnant woman should gain weight throughout her pregnancy from 10 to 15 kg. Depending on your constitution and the starting weight before pregnancy (in no case, less than 9 kilos is recommended). Starting from an ideal weight before getting pregnant is ideal, so you only have to increase your calorie intake a little more during the second and third trimesters.

If we gain a little more weight, we can reduce it during breastfeeding, following a low-carbohydrate diet. The diet must be varied and nutritious, consuming basic groups such as dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, cereals (preferably whole grains), legumes and nuts, as well as fruits and vegetables (to guarantee the contributions of iron, calcium, folic acid , etc.). Avoid refined flours and sugars, fried and precooked foods.

Following an ideal diet during pregnancy is the perfect ally to have a healthy child and to regain the figure after giving birth, although we can indulge in some other craving, we are not pregnant every day!

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