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Chinese table to predict baby sex

Chinese table to predict baby sex

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The Chinese table to predict the sex of the baby is one of the best known systems to know if you are expecting a boy or a girl. The prediction of the sex of the baby is done in China for many years. The Chinese baby gender chart can be used as a guide, in case you are curious to know before it is born, whether the baby in your belly will be a boy or a girl.

Having an idea of ​​the gender of the baby before delivery can be very useful to anticipate purchases, choose a name or choose the most appropriate colors to decorate your room.

For hundreds of years, this Chinese table has been circulating that predicts the sex of the baby by calculating the synergy between two parameters. To predict the sex of your future baby, the Chinese table determines, considering the age of the mother and the month in which your baby was conceived, the sex of the child that will come into the world.

In the event that the mother was born in any month other than January and February, her moon age is her current age plus 1 if her birthday is past at the time of conceiving. If you were born in January or at the beginning of February, add 2 years if at the time of conceiving your birthday had already passed.

Legend has it that this tablet was buried in a Chinese royal family tomb 700 years ago. Currently, the original is kept at the Beijing Institute of Science. Apparently, when used well, the table is correct 90 percent of the time. However, there are no scientific studies on this.

You must bear in mind that there may be variations, if you do not know the exact moment of conception, especially if it has occurred between two months, or if you have an irregular menstruation.

In both cases, the results may not be reliable in predicting whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. However, if you are not pregnant yet +, you should only try to conceive in the month corresponding to the sex you want according to this table. And if you are already pregnant, this Chinese table also helps you to know the sex of the baby you carry.

To use this table, you just need to search the box according to the month you conceived, approximately 2 weeks after the date of your last period, and how old you were at that time. Its reading is very simple: the months of the year appear in the vertical columns and the mother's age in the horizontal rows. Choose the month in which the conception occurred and the age of the mother at that time.

Note: It is necessary to clarify that does not guarantee the results of this table. Its publication is based on the unique concept of orientation.

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