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Obesity, a bad partner in pregnancy

Obesity, a bad partner in pregnancy

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Obesity is a heavy burden that negatively affects pregnancy. Several studies have shown that obesity negatively influences a woman's fertility, to the point that obese women have a harder time getting pregnant.

But, in addition, a recent study has shown that weight control is very important in the early stages of pregnancy. The benefits of facing a pregnancy with a healthy weight and maintaining it throughout the gestation not only favor the health of the mother, but also go beyond protecting her baby.

Facing a pregnancy at optimal weight levels means that the baby will have a better chance of starting life healthy. And the study has shown that a healthy weight during pregnancy protects the baby from chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and other metabolic diseases.

Currently, obesity, together with diabetes, has become one of the pandemics of the century worldwide and, the curious thing is that it is directly affecting our reproductive capacity and the babies we bring to the world. It influences the life expectancy of the general population, because obesity and diabetes are associated with cardiovascular risks and affect the quality of life of many people in the world.

And is that if bringing a healthy baby to the world is the greatest concern of mothers, it is necessary to become aware that diet is a crucial factor for a healthy pregnancy and for the prevention of possible diseases in the baby. The mother's eating habits during pregnancy are responsible for both low birth weight and excess weight and size of babies at the time of delivery.

While a poor diet can cause nutritional problems in the baby, affect its development and cause low birth weight, an overfeeding can be responsible for macrosomies or too large babies, a risk that pregnant women with diabetes run.

Infants born to obese mothers and diabetic mothers are larger, weigh more than normal at birth and are at greater risk of developing metabolic disorders, such as insulin resistance, one of the causes of diabetes, according to this report. study.

Lactating babies, who are large for their gestational age, get too much sugar during pregnancy due to their mothers' high sugar levels. The baby's pancreas detects elevated sugar levels and produces more insulin trying to use up all the extra sugar. The extra sugar turns into fat and results in a big baby. On the other hand, the fat content in the baby's body is a strong indicator of poor or incorrect nutrition during pregnancy.

For the good health of your baby, and for your own, eat only what you need, without going overboard. A healthy and balanced diet, abundant in fruits and vegetables, rich in proteins of high biological value and carbohydrates and low in fat is the most suitable for pregnancy. And don't forget to exercise daily. Walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates are the most suitable activities for your condition and will help you burn all the excess calories.

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