4 powerful foods that will help you have a good delivery

4 powerful foods that will help you have a good delivery

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What do we have to eat before delivery? Are there foods that can help us have contractions? Can we bring about labor with them? There is a lot of urban legend on the subject, and little really verified information, so let's try to clarify and try help you have a good delivery.

As the due date approaches, everyone seems impatient and the rush to meet the baby begins. Moms (and sometimes dads too) receive calls almost daily to find out how they are doing, if they notice something different, how they feel.

Sometimes the baby is even blamed "not wanting to go out." But we forget the most important word: "probable." And that's where the key is. As its name suggests, the probable due date is only probable, possible, and that means that the baby can be born around that date, from about two weeks before to about two weeks later. So we could almost speak of the “probable month of delivery”.

In any case, it is normal for that impatience to spread and we want to see our baby's face. And we begin to think what we can do to speed up the birth. Personally, I am one of those who think that every baby is born at the right time, but it is true that we can try be in the best conditions for when the time comes. That includes taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

How? Well, mainly by resting, doing moderate physical activity and eating properly. And all this from the most absolute enjoyment so that oxytocin flows through our body and bathes the baby as well. We are going to talk about this last point, that of food, today. What can we eat weeks or days before going into labor? Put these four foods on your shopping list.

- Dates
Several studies have found that daily consumption of dates in the weeks leading up to labor can improve labor progress and reduce the need for induction and postpartum bleeding for its possible stimulating effect on uterine contractility. The amount is not very clear, it varies between 4 and 8 dates a day, so decide for yourself how many you want to drink. What is certain is that it is a good substitute for other less healthy sweet products, such as industrial pastries, cookies or sweets and much more nutritious due to its contribution of fiber, B vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium or tryptophan. All are advantages!

- Raspberry leaf tea
This plant is rich in vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium and flavonoids, and has traditionally been used to purify the liver and kidneys. In recent years its use has been extended in the last weeks of pregnancy due to its supposed ability to tone and stimulate the uterus. It is not that it causes contractions, but it can help to make them stronger and therefore more effective when they start. You can take it from week 37 of pregnancy, up to 4 cups a day, although it is recommended to start with lower doses and gradually increase.

- pineapple
Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down collagen fibers, so it seems that it can help the cervix to soften and thus facilitate dilation.

- Evening primrose oil
Very rich in linoleic acid, one of the main prostaglandin precursors. When we take evening primrose oil, our body transforms the fatty acids it contains into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins ripen the cervix and prepare it for labor. The recommended dose is usually 1500mg a day divided into three doses, from the 37th week of pregnancy.

These are the most recommended foods, but surely you have heard some more, depending on the customs and traditions of the area where you live. As I was saying, except in the case of dates, its influence on labor has not been demonstrated. Rather, they are believed to "prime" the cervix so that when contractions start, it opens more easily. In addition, as they do not seem to have side effects, by trying it does not hurt.

So you know, these last weeks of pregnancy take care of yourself, feed your body and your soul, and above all enjoy each day as if it were the last day of your pregnancy ... because some will be. Happy delivery!

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