Talking with your friends on the phone favors breastfeeding

Talking with your friends on the phone favors breastfeeding

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Who has a friend has a treasure! That person with whom you have grown up, to whom you tell your problems and concerns, who has supported you through good times and bad, can develop a paper key when breastfeeding. Did you know talking to your friends on the phone favors breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding a child It has multiple benefits for the mother and the baby: it provides nutrients to the little one, favors the mother's recovery after childbirth, increases the bond between the two, reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, helps the baby fall asleep ... "Breastfeeding gives babies the best possible start in life," said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who continues: "Breast milk acts as the first vaccine of the baby, since it protects him against life-threatening diseases and provides all the nourishment he needs to survive and thrive. "

Breastfeeding is often not an easy task. The child seems to be left hungry, has difficulty latching onto the breast, you get wounds in the breasts ... do not abandon breastfeeding, scientists have found the solution: talk to your friends on the phone!

An Australian study of more than 1,200 women found that regular calls between new mothers and other mothers friends with previous breastfeeding experience can be the key to increasing national breastfeeding rates.

The group was divided in two. On the one hand, there were the mothers who, after giving birth, received the corresponding medical attention and went home. And, on the other, those who received regular calls from their mother friends who had already gone through this stage and had extensive experience in breastfeeding.

The results were incredible (75% of the mothers who received calls continued to breastfeed for up to six months and compared to 69% who did not), as there was an increase in the breastfeeding rate of this second group of women . And in this case, the support, empathy and having someone to count on when having doubts made the rest come alone.

And, good news for moms, another study is underway (we hope to have the data soon) to find out if phone support could also help women who are experiencing postpartum depression or postnatal anxiety.

To breastfeed it is one of the most beautiful things that motherhood offers women. It is something unique and special that connects you even more with your baby.

Personally, I am a super supporter of breastfeeding (I breastfed my daughters until a year and a year and a half and I quit because they asked me to) and I encourage any woman to experience it, but at the same time I think and say that we are not cows milkmaids and that if for any reason a woman does not feel ready to breastfeed, nothing happens! You can give a lot of love to a little one in another way: with kisses, hugs, words ...

For those who want to bet on breastfeeding, here are my tricks so as not to lose heart in the attempt!

- Patience
You can be lucky and that your baby latches on to the breast from the first moment, but also that it costs a little, so be patient and insist. In the end you will get it!

- Tranquility
Until you and your little one adapt to each other, it is recommended that for that moment of feeding you look for a quiet and relaxed place, away from possible stimuli such as television or adult conversations.

- Trust yourself
If there is one thing that I have learned as a mother, it is not to get involved in other people's things. So protect yourself from those who tell you what to do and what not to do when breastfeeding.

- Beware
When you decide to breastfeed a baby, your energy consumption increases. Take good care of your diet (this is not the time to go on a diet) and try to rest when the baby sleeps. Ask your dad, for example, to take you out for a walk so you can take a shower or get some sleep.

- Just relax
Doesn't it happen to you that there are days when you wake up with ravenous hunger and others when you don't feel like eating anything? The same thing happens to the little ones, so think that every day can be different and that it is impossible, during the first months, to try to establish a routine.

- Breeding groups
And if a phone call from a friend can be restorative, I won't even tell you if you join a parenting group with women who are just, right, together going through the same thing as you. Ask at your health center or your midwife.

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